2022 OutdoorMaster Ski Gear

OutdoorMaster Diamond MIPS Helmet

2022 Accessories

The Diamond Helmet from OutdoorMaster comes with the best-in-class MIPS protections system in a stylish and modern design. The inbuilt MIPS low friction layer allows a multidirectional movement of 10–15 mm on certain angled impacts, intended to reduce rotational force to the head and ensure maximum safety. Fe…

OutdoorMaster Eco Friendly XM Goggle

2022 Accessories

The Eco-Friendly XM bring a more sustainable goggle to the world of snowsports eyewear; the GreenLens Cotton Lens uses sustainable materials extracted from cotton making the lens degradable and therefore leaving greatly reduced impact on the environment. Each cotton-made lens has a GreenLens laser cut sign on the right…

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Helmet

2022 Accessories

The Kelvin Helmet from OutdoorMaster holds the record as the best-selling ski helmet online. Equipped with reinforced ABS shell & shock-absorbing EPS core, 14 vents and removable fleece inner and earpads.

OutdoorMaster Lollipop XS Kids Goggles

2022 Accessories

OutdoorMaster believe children should get the same, if not better, protection in the eyewear and helmet range of products in the snowsports industry. That's why they created the Lollipop XS Kids Goggle with 9 colorful lens and frame options as well as a flexible TPU frame ready to handle whatever gets thrown at it. We …

OutdoorMaster Pro XM Goggle

2022 Accessories

The Pro XM Goggle from OutdoorMaster uses a quick release magnetic frame design, you would be able to change out lenses effectively and efficiently at a fraction of the time of alternatively mounted options. The Pro XM is conscientiously designed with weight, aesthetics, as well as overall aerodynamics into considerati…

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles

2022 Accessories

The Ultra XL Goggles brings durability, ease of use and excellent lens tech to you at a great price point. The Ultra XL has the latest in innovative lens shapes - the Toric lens - combing the low distortion and clearer view of a cylindrical lens and the wide peripheral vision of a spherical lens. This allows you to see…


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