Trollhaugen // Human Being // UNRELENTING Ep.4 Vol.4 // 2019/20

published Feb 2020 - 2,550 views

Humans that don't do it might never get it. They watch as we slam, and they wince. They watch as we bounce off the hard pack, and they laugh. They watch as we try again for the thirtieth time, and they shake their heads in doubt. They watch as we howl at the moon after finally achieving success, and they drop their jaws. That's the difference between the human beings that watch, and the unrelenting #HumanBeings of Valhalla that never give up. Be someone that never gives up, and leave the watching to somebody else.

Film/Edit: Nick Schoess

Music: The People - Common

Titles/Text: David Duea

Skiers (In order of appearance): Adam Peterson, Erik Bergerson, Taylor Lundquist, Sam Lobinsky, Nick Schoess, Drew Ahlstrom, David Giorgi, Connor Johnson, Gavin Rudy, Sam Zahner

Special Thanks: Marsha Hovey, Valerie Schoess, Trollhaugen, Troll Park Crew, ON3P, Pinewskis, Colab Brand, Scott @ ON3P, Dan Pinewski, Trevor Pinewski, Cory Pinewski, Karl Bekkala, Kael Luberts, David Duea, Kian Barrett, Sam Lobinsky, Matt Kaye, J-LO, Mom/Dad, Drew Ahlstrom, Ben Neeson, Matt Krohn, Jack Kaiser, Grant Sadusky, Dave Sutton, Adam Peterson EVERYONE WHO WATCHES AND SUPPORTS WHAT WE'RE DOING!

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