How To Screamin' & Grab Variations

by SkiAddiction
Mar 18th - 2.1K views

This tutorial right here is exactly what the Tramp Skis are for, learning the scariest tricks in a safe environment. A Screamin' Semen is arguably one of the scariest tricks in skiing because it's when your skis cross over one another so they are on the opposite side they should be, then untangling them to land normally. This trick pretty much goes against everything we're taught in skiing, but damm is it cool. Learn it now with this tutorial. FILMED AT: Airhouse: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram:

How To Switch Rodeo 540

by SkiAddiction
Mar 11th - 461 views If you’ve got Misty’s dialled, you’re laughing! The Switch Rodeo 540 is essentially the sister trick to the Misty. FILMED AT: Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram: ENJOY THE VIDEO? Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE below!

Daymaker Week 2018 at Whitewater Ski Resort

Mar 9th - 1.4K views

The Daymaker Crew heads North to Nelson B.C. in search of deep snow, pillows, and Kokanees. Join in as Jonah Williams, Giray Dadali and Rob Aseltine explore the unreal terrain at and around Whitewater Ski Resort using the Daymakers Alpine Touring Adapters. Filming: Alex Mager Ross Downard Rob Aseltine Drone: Ross Downard Edit: Alex Mager Daymaker Touring Whitewater Ski Resort Whitewater Chalet Video Age

Big Hoss

by Meier_Skis
Mar 7th - 45 views

Master ski forger Tyler gives you an overview on the Meier all mountain quiver-killer ski; the Big Hoss!


by Meier_Skis
Mar 7th - 66 views

World Champion Free Skier Allision Gannet helped Meier create a custom ski... just for the ladies !! Ashley give you an overview of this all mountain ladies touring ski, appropriately named the Homegrown.


by Meier_Skis
Mar 7th - 39 views

The Madam of Meier herself Ashley, (along with her Man-tern) gives you an overview of our popular women's powder ski; the Madam!


by makholm
Mar 1st - 159 views

WHEN SKIING CHANGES YOU LIFE. After 19 years i got my dad back to skiing and this completely changed his life. After been of the skis for 19 years, my dad needed a bit of instruction and with my help he immediately picked up the new teknik that makes carving skis a blast to ski on. Now I have a hard time getting him of. He is 68 years old, and this shows that even it you are over 60, it is no problem skiing. So pick up those skis and get out there and have fun. /Pete

STACK Visuals Presents: "Going In Circles" at the Mt. Baker Road Gap

by StackVisuals
Feb 27th - 1.7K views

Here is STACK Visuals first short ski film titled "Going In Circles." This was a collaboration between STACK Visuals & Bobby Stevenson. This project was all filmed in an hour session at the Mt. Baker Road Gap on January 25th, 2018. Shout out to all of the boys. Skiers: Jake Little (IG: @jakerlittle) / Porter Livingston (IG: @makeamericasteepagain) / Adam Wilson: (IG: @adamwilson012) Shooters: Kyle Petershagen (IG: @stackvisuals) / Grady Haskell (IG: @stackvisuals) / Bobby Stevenson (IG: @bobby_stevenson) Enjoy. Follow us on Instagram @stackvisuals.


by 808branden
Feb 26th - 182 views

Is it socially acceptable for a 20 year old to still try to be good at skiing? Let me know in the comments. Regardless i'm still drippin. Highly recommend watching until the end to see a dumb snowboarder eat some ice.

Where is the best place to buy soup?.mov

by chef_boyardee
Feb 22nd - 1.9K views

BC Family Day – February 12th, 2018 On the second Monday of February, British Columbians celebrate Family Day, taking extra time to enjoy activities with their loved ones. In 2018, Family Day falls on Monday, February 12. Minister Lisa Beare Happy BC Family Day! On behalf of Premier John Horgan and the Government of British Columbia, I wish you an enjoyable Family Day weekend with loved ones. BC Family Day is a celebration of family life, and a reminder of the importance of spending time with family. I’m very pleased that my Ministry has funded family-friendly events and activities throughout the province, which you and your loved ones can enjoy for free. I hope you will take this opportunity to discover areas of British Columbia that are new to you, or to rediscover familiar places. The B.C. Government is proud to support these special community celebrations. We want to ensure Family Day events are accessible to everyone. I’d like to thank the organizations for their dedication and hard work in planning free community events. I wish you all a safe, enjoyable BC Family Day. Lisa Beare Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture

"Year of the Hooch"-Smeegs 2017 Season Edit

by smeegs6
Feb 12th - 396 views

Was planning on cutting together a season edit but ended up being too lazy so my segment from the @drinkbutter movie is doubling as my season edit. Hope y'all enjoy it and shout out to everyone who followed me around with a camera and all the boys for keeping the stoke at an all time high. Also special thanks to the liquor and the lesbian population of Boise, Idaho for bolstering my morale. Film: @drinkbutter @adam_scheer @brianallen19 @alex_mgr plus many others.