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LINE Traveling Circus 8.2 "Swiss Cheese-Socks"

by Twig
Nov 16th 2015 - 46 comments

Hallo, Ciao & Bonjour! LINE Traveling Circus heads to Europe (again) to enjoy the best pizza they can find in Switzerland and Italy! Join Andy Parry, Sämi Ortlieb, Rob Heule, Tom Kobel, Simone Canal, Will Wesson & more in "Swiss Cheese-Socks!"

LJ Strenio Retires From Pro Skiing

by Sklar
Jan 5th 2022 - 44 comments

LJ Strenio, pro skier. Nix that, LJ Strenio, data scientist. One of Newschoolers’ own, and one of Newschoolers’ favorites is moving on from urban rails and trips in the TC van to crunching code and teaching machines to take over the world.

Goodbye to a Friend: Matt Heffernan RIP

by Sklar
Aug 18th 2015 - 17 comments

“Matt was the kind of person who had no acquaintances. You were either his good friend, or you never met him,” one friend posted in memory of Matt Heffernan on the Newschoolers forums. The infectious smile and boundless energy of Heffy left us far too early this past weekend in a cliff jumping accident in Utah.

SLVSH: Keeping Skiing Free

by Sklar
Apr 19th 2016 - 33 comments

Matt Walker and Joss Christensen talk to us about Slvsh, why it’s unique and how it’s bringing a fresh look to the ever more fragmented freeskiing scene.

The Eric Pollard Interview

by Twig
Nov 25th 2015 - 29 comments

"Truly, I don’t know if I can continue to ski..." An in-depth chat with Eric Pollard about injury, family, creativity and of course, his skiing.

Meanwhile in Canada

by Sklar
Mar 10th 2014 - 34 comments

"The plan for this project was simple: to make it from coast to coast by RV and explore Canada, hitting as many rails/features along the way as we can. Most skiing in our country happens on either coast, so we thought we could show some of what Canada has to offer in terms of street skiing in a single trip, using all things Canadian – from the crew, to the places we visited, to the entire soundtrack. We called it Meanwhile in Canada because while the primary focus is on the Olympics this winter, we were still out doing our thing and having an awesome time along the way."