Sign posted at park in steamboat springs, Co. taken by user Gump.

So you're speed lappin' the park with your bros and you've got your whole line scouted and your tricks preloaded in your head. You fly off the lift, past the line at the top of the park and rampage through with your crew. Consistently you lay it down smooth hit after hit of rail slaying perfection, confident you are fogging the thongs of all the ladies in the vicinity. You are coming up to your favorite feature ready to show 'em who you are when some kid snakes in front of you. Your mind races "Should I just follow? Naw, he's too close" a little frustrated you shave speed which throws you out of the zone. Your rage soars when he skips the feature altogether, opting to hop off the side like a defective kangaroo. Worse off he bonered it -Who is this little shit? You had to straight a feature and now you're furious; considering what a prison term would be for curb stomping a minor.

I will admit this is pretty annoying, and a heated subject in the skiing community. I don't mind so much when little kids jump off the lips as much I hate being snaked, however moutain rules state the skier downhill has the right of way. Sure, it ruins the lips after a while and it can be dangerous when little kids are zippin' between the features like a slalom course with 160lb guys whippin' through backwards. I get it. Just a couple weeks ago I obliterated this girl who turned in front of me while I was hauling ass switch. It sent me flipping and I was sure I killed her. I felt terrible but I was angry. I wanted to slap her but I picked up her stuff and apologized while I got her back on her feet. It was totally my fault and since then I am way more careful; lesson learned. As for them ruining the lips I'm just "meh". That's the park crews job, they will get to it. Sure a shitty lip can throw you off, I get ya, but if I can't hit a feature unless the lip is certain perfection, what kind of skier am I?

I'm not endorsing it and I don't wish for them to do it. It definitely gets on my nerves at times; right now I'm recalling a time recently where I totally wrecked myself because someone had rutted out the lip. I was trying to butter on and caught an edge which sent me flying over the box. Sure that pisses me off. But at the end of the day when I get home I'm not steaming and writing letters to my representative about it.

But apparently our cries have not gone unanswered. I was surprised to see this and I have mixed feelings about it.

On one hand it could keep kids from doing it, yeah. But honestly, how many people see a sign as an authority? If no one is around I don't care what a sign says. The only one I obey regularly is Handicap Parking for lack of being a douche.

So you might have a sign that doesn't work 100%, what sign does? But I see it also giving people "authority" and therefore more of a reason to yell at the little kids who do it.

Some kids do need to be yelled at, maybe. But all of them would benefit from some park education. Maybe these signs are a gateway to that education and begin to employ those benefits for us as they work.

What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Who gives a shit?