For me, Swiss Cheese-Socks is the best TC episode in quite some time, containing all the weird wizardry and dorky humour you could hope for. I spoke to Sami Ortlieb to find out a little more about the making of:

When did you guys film this episode?

We filmed in late April. After Will and I were done shooting for Level 1, we went to Zürich to get Robin (level1 filmer) to the airport and we picked up the rest of the TC crew there (Rob, Andy, Jake).


How long did it take to film?

I think it was 2 and a half weeks...maybe 3.

Did Andy eat anything other than Pizza in Italy?

Yes... well it was mainly Pizza, but he also tried Pizzoccheri (a local pasta from that region) once.


Tell me about the Waldpark, how long does it take you to build?

The Waldpark is a local spot me and my friends brought some tubes and rails to a couple of yers ago. We usually ride there in the early and late season. It also appears in the birds movies a lot. It takes quiet a bit of time to build every thing since you have to do every thing by hand.

Who invented the snow mini ramp?

Rob and I came up with the idea for the miniramp. It was so much fun! You can pretty much go on forever.


How long does the snow last up there? How far is the walk in?

It always depends on the winter, but two years ago i skied there on June 1st and it's not too far... like 10min.