X Games Real Ski is back for 2019 and we reckon there is going to be a LOT of debate about this one. There's one thing that everyone should be able to agree on though: this is the craziest year yet, by far. Every single edit has at least a couple of completely insane shots and having spoken to the judges, there could be a case for pretty much any of them taking the win. With six totally different masters of the craft, who do you think should take it? The loose but lit antics of Mango? Peyben for putting his skis where no skis should ever go? ABM for going insane on the tech? Kimbo for his unique spots? Henrik? The reigning champ? Let us know in the poll/comments and make sure to vote!


Phil Casabon

Phil was always going to have his work cut out to better last year's masterpiece, but he's back with a vengeance and another complete headfuck of an edit. His style is untouchable and he could very well be the first skier to take back to back wins on the street side of Real Ski with this minute and a half of madness.




Henrik Harlaut

This is Henrik's second Real Ski appearance and once again, he maintained a full competition schedule while filming. In fact, the last clip he got was shot the same day that he competed in the X Games slopestyle final, which was also deadline day for submission. Only Henrik.




Kim Boberg

Kim stayed in Sweden to shoot his edit and it straight up did not snow for the first month or so of the shooting window. But after a mind-boggling amount of driving Kim managed to piece together a gem from the spots they could find. Dude has some of the best spot selection in the game.





Unlike Kim, Peyben saw the writing on the wall and bounced to Quebec to get his edit done, shooting the whole thing alongside Alex Hackel, chasing snow deep into the north of the province. Nobody skis like Peyben does and this edit is no exception. Skis do not belong in many of the places he puts them.





Mango is another totally unique skier doing the seemingly impossible... you know, according to the laws of physics. There are more than a few shots here that left our collective jaws on the floor. In all honesty, this one is probably going to take more viewings to process than we've had but damn Jake, you are something else.





ABM definitely took a different approach to most of the other guys and his edit stands out because of it. His cut is one of the finest examples of technical wizardry in the streets that you'll ever see. There's unique spot selection and creativity in their too but damn Alex, you have some unbelievable skills.




And without further ado, let the debate begin... vote for your favorite both in the fan favorite and in our poll... and let us know who you think the podium is going to be in the comments: