Jackson Karsteter on The Social Media Era of Skiing

by TwoPlankerPod
Apr 15th 2022 - 9 comments

In this episode, we sit down with Jackson Karsteter to get insight into the next generation of skiers. Jackson is pioneering the social media era of skiing with clips posted on his personal page @j.karsteter as well as his page @railskiing. Find out why kids his age are opting for social media success over competition results.

A Serious Conversation on Mental Health & Skiing with Drew Petersen

by OutofBoundsPod
Mar 7th 2022 - 0 comments

Drew and I sat down and talked about our Mental Health, and specifically his new film "Ups & Downs" chronicling his (ongoing) battle with mental health, Depression, and Type Two Bipolar.

This is the most impactful episode we've put out, and I hope y'all take something positive from it.

Thank you to Drew for sharing with me, and thank you to Mountain Gazette for hosting this conversation.