Cover photo: Seattle Times Archive

The voice and lens of Warren Miller came to define skiing for multiple generations of skiers. For so many, a trip to see his movies marked the beginning of the ski season, a call to arms. Though films continue to be made under the name of Warren Miller Entertainment to this day, he himself had been disassociated from the company for many years and had increasingly become a voice speaking out against the progressive commercialisation of the ski industry. His last personal foray into the world of ski film was narrating Level 1's Refresh, a move which resulted in WME suing Level 1 for breach of trademark. We'll be throwing that and others on the screens today to commemorate the great man's legacy. For a full obituary of Warren Miller, click here, though Mr. Miller himself suggested that the most fitting memorial, for those able, would be taking a run down your favorite local slope in his honor: "Go get 'em!".