New Ski Movie "Sunnyside" Released!

by Sideshow.jpn
Nov 16th 2021 - 0 comments

Sideshow presents 3rd Ski Movie,the final segment of a trilogy
Urban,Street and Powder in Japan
Daisuke Kurata 20th Anniv Work
SideshowによるSki Movie3部作の最終章となる”Sunnyside”は、日本におけるフリースキーのストリートとパウダーを収めた映像作品。


by eastrimskiing
Feb 17th 2021 - 19 comments

Have you ever herd the term "local legend" usually a cranky old guy that yells at you on the side of a groomer. But if you really get to know them they are a lot more than what just meets the eye.