, the Swedish ski team website, posted a short interview with Henrik Harlaut over his displeasure with the scoring last night at the 2021 X Games Big Air.

The translated interview from the X Games thread is as follows:

”After an eventful big air last night where Henrik Harlaut ended up sixth, he informs that he will opt out of slopestyle.

”I don’t feel motivated to compete after yesterdays judging in the big air competition and thus I don't want to do something sick that end up not getting any points”.

The article further explains with a comment from coach Niklas Eriksson that his forward double 16 scored more than the switch double 18 even though it is a less difficult trick. Eriksson says that he understands Henrik's feelings about it all."

What are your thoughts about Dollo dropping out from slopestyle because he disagreed with how scoring was last night?