Teddybear Crisis 2

by schmuck
Apr 1st 2009 - 288 comments

The legendary Kris Ostness sits down with NS at JOSS to announce his plans for Teddybear Crisis 2 and drops the first teaser for the highly anticipated new film...

Jib Life

by schmuck
Jul 5th 2009 - 240 comments

Ben Perry talks about his much discussed ski/snowboard video game that's currently in development, Jib Life: Urban Sessions.

JOSS & Team Newschoolers

by schmuck
Jan 19th 2010 - 235 comments

Jon Olsson gives us the exclusive and in-depth scoop on his plans for this year's JOSS, along with all the details on the highly anticipated Team Newschoolers video contest, which begins today.

The Swedish Nomad

by schmuck
Jun 1st 2009 - 205 comments

Henrik Harlaut discusses style, what influences him, his amazing season and much, much more in this in depth interview with one of the most talented skiers in the world.


by schmuck
Aug 2nd 2010 - 170 comments

Poor Boyz Productions' Jeff Thomas, Tyler Hamlet, Cody Carter and JP Auclair recap their season, discuss editing in Whistler, and release the highly anticipated trailer for their new film, Revolver.

I am Sam

by schmuck
Nov 9th 2007 - 164 comments

Sammy Carlson addresses his critics, peers and the state of skiing in an in-depth interview that's not to be missed.

Every Day is a Saturday

by schmuck
Jul 10th 2009 - 162 comments

Poor Boyz Productions' Johnny Decesare, Tyler Hamlet, Jeff Thomas and Cody Carter drop the trailer for their new film Every Day is a Saturday and sit down with NS to discuss all things Poor Boyz.

Ask Tom Wallisch

by schmuck
Dec 7th 2008 - 161 comments

Two weeks ago we gave you the opportunity to ask Tom Wallisch anything you wanted. Here's his answers...a lot of them.

Team Sweden

by schmuck
Apr 15th 2009 - 158 comments

Jon Olsson releases Team Sweden's video a day early, and checks back in with NS to discuss his thoughts on JOSS as a whole, his exciting plans for next year's event, and his new google company YNIQ.

Chug Life

by schmuck
Nov 27th 2008 - 156 comments

Ian Cosco continues his takeover of NS this week by dropping Chapter 1 of his highly anticipated new videoblog, Chug Life.

Self-Promo to Hero

by schmuck
Nov 6th 2007 - 156 comments

How Ian Cosco went from being an avid NS member from middle-of-nowhere Alberta to one of skiing's most talked about ams.

The Schlopy Factor

by schmuck
Jun 15th 2009 - 154 comments

Alex Schlopy, one of the hottest up-and-comers of the year, takes us through his action packed and breakout season. *updated with video*