Interview by Jeff Schmuck

Yeah yeah we know, too much blantant and shameless promotion of Ian Cosco right? Well...too bad. Two days after writing an article for us on King of Style, Cosco is in Colorado training for Dew Tour and has been hard at work on his long-awaited and highly anticipated new videoblog, Chug Life, and he's dropping the first episode of! So rather than letting it pass by without some much-deserved hype, we figured we'd give him the opportunity to further his takeover of NS this week and get the scoop from him on why he started it, what his plans are for it...and because we love him. But then again, who doesn't?

Hey Chug.

Heyyy man.

First off, thanks for doing that article for us on King of Style buddy.

No problemo, I was happy to give the athlete's perspective. It was super fun and I'm glad people were stoked on it so I'm going to start doing more of those for you this winter.

So today is a big day in life of Ian Cosco.

Today is a huge day in Chug Life!

GTS at IF3. photo: Even Sigstad

Indeed, as you're dropping Chapter 1 of your brand new videoblog Chug Life. Give everyone the scoop on it.

Basically I bought a video camera a while back and I figured since all my friends are pro (laughs), I might as well film them and document our lives. It won't be like your average videoblog because my friends are retarded and hilarious so I think it'll be pretty entertaining.

What inspired you to start doing a videoblog?

Well I was watching Jon's videoblog last year and thought it was super sick. And I figured since he lives a pretty baller ass lifestyle, and me and my friends don't (laughs), I wanted to show the other perspective of how broke ass motherfuckers try to get paid (laughs).

(laughs). Nice. So what's in the first episode?

Ummm, well the first episode straight up doesn't have that much in it, because I haven't gotten to go to a ton of places to ski this fall so it pretty much has some hilarious stuff from my birthday and a couple of my trips to Vernon, and I stole some of the King of Style footage from TV and edited it (laughs).

Sweden. photo: Martin Misof

That's great, so there's a lawsuit coming for you as well? (laughs)

Yeah probably (laughs). But that's how we do it in brokeville! (laughs)

So what can everybody expect to see over the course of the year in Chug Life?

I'm going to be filming as much as I can and me and my friends are going to be passing the camera around. I want to bring it to parties and every contest and every film shoot that I do. I basically just want to document my season for the enjoyment of all.

What do you aim to achieve with Chug Life?

I guess I just want to make people laugh. And to show a different perspective.

Chug. photo: Kayla Mann

So seeing as how you just wrote an article for us and now two days later we're doing an interview with you we can only expect there to be some comments below this where people bitch and say that this is too much Cosco (laughs). What do you want to say to anyone out there who thinks that?

I say you can never have enough Cosco! (laughs)

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