Interview by Jason Mousseau

Gus Kenworthy rejoint CoreUPT via Zapiks

Hey buddy how's it going?

It's going pretty good I'm up here at Camp of Champs, came up here first session as a camper to shred and now I'm here as the NS bitch. Pretty much doing the Newschoolers dirty work.

What's your plan for next year? Would you want to be a coach?

I asked Ken and Matt about it, but they didn't seem too into the idea. Matt said I could probably get some kinda job in the lane, but...

*Penis shaped baloon he was holding exploded in his hands*

..Holy shit! I think it'll be a good idea, so I'll definitely pick up an application and fill it out.

If not do you think you'll be back here next year?

Yeah for sure, Camp of Champions is the best camp I've ever skied, it's a winter quality park during the summer. Not to mention they have the best coaches and staff.

What do you like the most about it?

The park and the coaches. Cody Barnhill is super cool and a really nice guy. Wiley was my coach for while and his style is super smooth and was a great coach. The park is amazing, the jump line is 55', 65', 80' and flows really well so I've just been having so much fun on it.

photo: Dan Carr

What's your plan for next week?

I'm heading to France for a CoreUPT exhibition, where they'll be demoing their skis and introducing their team to everyone.

Nice is that your first time going up to France?

No I went up about a month ago to meet everyone and finalize my contract. It was just sort of an introduction, got to test the skis and meet the people behind the scenes.

How was your season this year?

This season was definitely the best year I've had, I feel like I did the most this year. I did a couple of comps, I finished 11th at the North American Open slopestyle and got 13th in pipe. Nothing too great but I was still happy. I also got a ton of filming done.

With who?

Rage Films for about a month and half or so, then Stept Productions in Breck for a while and then some filming at COC this summer.

Are you stoked on the footage? Should we be expecting two full segments?

I'm not too sure about Stept, but I got a lot of shots with Rage that I'm really stoked on and I think I will be able to put together a pretty decent segment.

Can you give us a sneak peak at what to expect?

Doubles and stuff, switch dub cork 10, some kangs, I think Rage really helped out with everything this year, especially with getting some much needed recognition. I got some flips off of rails that I'm stoked on too. Such is Life, check it out. Rage Films baby.

photo courtesy of Rage Films

So where did you come from? Who's Gus Kenworthy?

Well I'm 16 years old, I'm from Telluride Colorado. Started with moguls competitively, loved them for the jumps and I remember being super stoked on learning 360 iron crosses. Then I just grew away from the mogul side of things and realized I liked jumps more. So I moved into the terrain park and here I am now.

Well looks like it worked out for you, how'd the CoreUPT deal come together?

I think I'd have to give 100% credit to NS. From uploading edits, getting comments and feedback, kids sending me messages and so on. I put my promo video on Zapiks first, and I guess Zapiks is a pretty big sports site in France. It ended up being the number one rated video which I had no idea about. Turns out they found the video, got my contact info and got in touch with me. Pretty stoked on how it all worked out.

Check out his CoreUPT promo

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