I already said lots of emotional things about how much I love writing for Newschoolers, so it should go unsaid that I really like drawing for you all too.

I’ve been drawing stuff on NS just as long as I’ve been writing, and both the words and the pictures used to be pretty terrible.

But luckily you’ve given me room to grow over the years, and it’s still wild to me that I get to wake up every Monday all winter and decide what I’m going to draw for this website. I love using my NS pieces as an opportunity to experiment with new styles and mediums, try to tell different stories, and grow as an illustrator. It also gives me an opportunity to pretend that I’m some sort of pro skier and craft stories and narratives that further my agenda. So here’s everything I drew in 2020. Let me know what you liked, what you didn’t, and what you want to see more of.

And lookout, I’ll have a print art book coming out as soon as this ski season is over if you like looking at my doodles on dead trees instead of on your screens.

Sunday Funnies

Originally I pitched Twig on just doing a comic every week, and that’s what I did last season. These were so much fun, and really helped me grow as an illustrator. Often drawing them felt like doing pushups, I was building muscles doing repetitive work that helped me tell better stories more efficiently. This season I’ve done less straight-up comics, and have been experimenting with other mediums, but I still love these comic pages and can’t wait to see them in print.

Jerry's Day Out - Being a casual skier is so hard

For the 'Gram - I cringe every time I ask to get my picture taken but I do it anyway

Thanks - No seriously, thank you park crew!

Cycle - This is still one of my favorite comic pages I’ve ever made


Revision Revisited - Space Jam may be the best film ever made?

Randoms - Pretty self-explanatory

Canceled - Bidding goodbye to ski season

Apocalypse- and ringing in the “new normal”

Stop Signs - But masks fog my goggles

Untangled - I really enjoyed making this one and want to explore this style more

Flakes- Like a normal comic but a lot more work


Ski Movie Bingo - I used to get so excited about ski movies

Fridge Decorations - I like tools that help organize my tours

Impacts - An ode to the magazines that shaped me

Boot Demons - We all need a good exorcist

Metaphors - But like, what kind of skiing would you associate with a plumber?

Reminders - Free posters that took three years off my life. This was so much work, but so worth it.


The Six Types of Pre-Season Skier - Off-season can really drag on

Six (more) Types of Pre-season Skier- Oh, you liked the first one? Here’s another!

What your ski car says about you - Please only call it “the whip” sarcastically

Pt:2 What your ski car says about you- No, I don’t actually believe these, but they wouldn’t be funny if they weren’t at least a little true

Ultimate Ski Vehicles - I just felt like painting trucks

Ultimate Ski Vehicles Part II - And even more trucks

So there you have it! There’s everything I drew for NS this year. Thanks for following along. I’m stoked to keep cranking out weekly art for you all.