Today's Sunday Funny isn't funny. It's just how I feel.

Last week I was riding my bike home from the grocery store and I almost got hit by an SUV that didn't know how stop signs work.

This week it's becoming clear that the inbounds ski season may be over before it even begins in a lot of areas thanks to folks not taking this whole pandemic thing seriously. This piece focuses on masks because that's the simplest way to signify an approach to life that is influenced by scientific findings and is compassionate and cares for the people of our mountain communities. But obviously it's more than just masks. It's not throwing parties and infecting each other. It's not littering when you discard your mask. It's thanking lifties and ski patrollers for what they do. It's skiing the backcountry conscientiously. It's caring about the devastating long term repercussions your actions could have for yourself and the community, and understanding that sometimes those consequences aren't worth some quick comfort or pleasure to yourself. Let's be better than this.