It's Sunday! Time for some comics!

This week's page idea comes from member J_Christoph's comment on last week's article:

There's way more than a page of potential to make Instagram jokes about, so don't be too surprised if I do another lap through this one at some point. I know I've been guilty of a few of these. How about you?

Here's a link to last week's comic: Jerry's Day Out

Submit Your Comic Idea for Next Week

It’s really simple. Every Sunday morning I’ll publish a new comic page in a news article like this one on Newschoolers. Simply comment with your idea for what the next week’s strip should be about. Upvote the ideas you like, and I’ll pick one to make into the next week’s comic. So comment away on this post!

And if you like this...

I post many more of my comics and other illustrations on Instagram at @cywhitling. Follow along for updates. I'm working on a longer print graphic novel scheduled for next fall. Good enough ideas will also make it into that book. And, if you represent a brand and would like to be involved in this project, get in touch with me. I’ll be working to fund this project with sponsored content and product placement throughout the book. Let’s make something really cool that represents your brand’s unique qualities!