It's Sunday! Time for some comics!

With the whole "end of the world" thing happening, I took another break from user-submitted ideas, to deliver some common skier problems in this new age. I for one can't wait to don my studded leather harness and roam the wastelands with my dog playing a flaming electric guitar as it hangs off the front of my war rig. Or maybe it will be sad, like I am Legend. Either way, skiing is changing.

Hope everybody is washing their hands, dialing in their hike park, not being a dick to their local hill, reading the avy report, and getting their goggle tan dialed.

This last week was rough for just about everyone. These last few weeks of your ski season that you can no longer ride lifts for are really insignificant in the grand scheme of things. So buy a resort employee a drink, and maybe let them crash on your couch, a bunch of folks are getting hit really hard right now.

On that note: The ski industry as a whole is getting hit hard right now. Media outlets are losing major advertising dollars, and this trickles down to the content you consume. I can't thank Twig and everyone at NS for taking a gamble on me and having me do the weekly comics and articles this winter. Thanks to the Covid crisis, this comic, and Monday's article will be the last of my regularly scheduled content for this winter. I'll still be posting some art and words over here, as the spirit visits me, so keep checking NS, wash your hands, consider commissioning me to do some art or a comic for you, and don't cough on your grandparents.

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