Last week I threw you all five imaginary ski rigs that I'd rather roll up to the resort in than driving another Sprinter van. Well, for your post-holiday food hangover, here are five more.

Which whip would you rock? And just like last week for a bonus, can you name every ski I featured in the comments? How about every location that I snagged historical topo maps from?

Vanity plates are acceptable when paired with tracks.

So apparently slide in car campers used to be a thing. Wish they'd come back into style! Also, yes, I'm sorry, I accidentally drew this base graphic on the topsheets. It was a long day of painting.

Tiny homes are whatever, tiny homes on the back of a Tucker Snowcat though....

The best bases ever? Also, this is a real vehicle, but I truly don't understand why it needs that front wheel when it already has tracks.

If you know the sticker you know the ski and the plate. Legend forever.