Beringia: Of The North

by Beringiaworld
Nov 8th 2021 - 12 comments

This season we are going to put out Beringia edits from various locations focusing on everything from spring park to the pow turn. Additionally, I'm going to keep making one-off Balaclavas, gaiters, etc. from merino garments and trying to get them to as many people as possible. The whole point here is to do right by this community and keep it alive.

Tom Wallisch Thinks Target Should Sell Skis & He's Got a Damn Good Point

by OutofBoundsPod
Oct 22nd 2021 - 5 comments

Okay, so obviously Target skis are not all Tom and I talked about here, but I thought it was an interesting take from one of the best to do it.

We also spent some time on Fast Tracks, but you'll have to listen in on the interview to hear his take on that, Mega Passes, Seven Springs, and so much more.

Thanks to Tom for spending some time chatting with me.

Podcast drops this Tuesday, but the Youtube is available now.

Photo by AJ Dakoulas