Earlier this week, Faction Skis announced the departure of two of the largest female powerhouses in women's freesking from their athlete team— Kelly Sildaru and Mathilde Gremaud. Additionally, Daniel Hanka, one of Faction's first athletes is also leaving the team.

Known for his unique urban style and roles in 'CzechMate' and 'Cruise'n'Roll', Dan's departure marks the end of an Era— the Czech skier was one of the first riders to join the Faction team. Faction paid tribute to his time on the team in an Instagram post earlier today:

"Dan was the first to bring Czech freeski flavor to the world stage - his urban and park skiing flair have earned him a cult following. Chief among those fans is our own team at Faction.

A prolific content creator, his sensational webisodes shine a light on his community and showcase his unique style: ‘Smelly Socks’ merges his love of heavy metal and even heavier riding; ‘CzechMate’ champions his roots; and ‘Cruise’n’Roll’ gives us a front row seat to his adventures across the globe. Dan blurs the lines of art and skiing - captivating and inspiring us.

As Dan begins a new chapter in his skiing career, we wish him the very best. We’ll always be your fans, waiting eagerly for your next drop showcasing fearless skiing and unmatched creativity. Thanks for letting us be part of your world for all these years, @danihellhanka."

Kelly Sildaru, the Estonian skier, Olympic Bronze Medalist, and 10x XGames Medalist, has been with Faction Skis since she was just 14 years old. Faction Skis announced Kelly's departure in a collaborative post on Instagram yesterday:

"Hailing from the modest Estonian freeskiing scene, @kellysildaru is an international sensation. She is a driving force in freeskiing. Her will to push boundaries in our sport has lifted the entire field.

As a partner to Kelly from the beginning of her freeski journey, we have been in constant awe of her influence, talent and grace. We have grown together. We’ve cherished watching Kelly shine on film; top countless podiums; and ignite flames of freeski passion in a new generation.

Her accomplishments speak for themselves. Yet she’s far from done leaving her mark on our community. As Kelly takes this next step in her skiing career, we express our heartfelt thanks to her for the fun we’ve had together, and wish her bright days, more accolades, and more broken boundaries."

Mathilde, Swiss Skier, 3x Olympic Medalist, and 8x XGames Medalist, also shared her departure in an Instagram post on Tuesday,

"It’s time to let you know my adventure with @factionskis has come to an end 🫣 I feel honored and privileged to have been apart of this team for as long as I can remember !! And we have accomplished so much together! πŸ†πŸ’―πŸŽ₯ But you know what they say… All, or only some good things come to an end, like I preferably say. Thank you @factionskis for the good times and great opportunities, lots of love to the whole crew ❀️‍πŸ”₯🫢🏼❀️‍πŸ”₯"

While we're unsure where Dan or the two Red Bull athletes are headed to next, Mathilde was riding Fischer Skis in her latest Instagram Post.