The Ahmet Dadali Interview: Out Now

by OutofBoundsPod
Mar 21st 2022 - 48 comments

Probably the most controversial interview I've done... or will do... hopefully.
Ahmet came on the show and it was a mix of really light hearted storytelling to some excellent insights on sponsor pay & commitments.

Obviously, we talk about his opinions on the world right now, including that of Covid, Vaccines & much more.

Proceed with caution as a lot of this is very much opinionated. I did my best to frame everything over and over again as opinion, and his view of the world.

The ones that go on about "don't believe everything you read in the media" and "do your own research" are often the ones that spread the most misinformation. Be aware of that as you listen.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, their own free speech. However, how that speech impacts others, and how one choses to use that free speech is of the utmost importance.

There's a great quote from Spiderman that fits well here.

A Serious Conversation on Mental Health & Skiing with Drew Petersen

by OutofBoundsPod
Mar 7th 2022 - 0 comments

Drew and I sat down and talked about our Mental Health, and specifically his new film "Ups & Downs" chronicling his (ongoing) battle with mental health, Depression, and Type Two Bipolar.

This is the most impactful episode we've put out, and I hope y'all take something positive from it.

Thank you to Drew for sharing with me, and thank you to Mountain Gazette for hosting this conversation.

High Five The Hill 2022

by JayBadge
Feb 25th 2022 - 0 comments

The feeling of sliding on snow is something that is completely unmatched. The best thing about skiing is that it is a great equalizer.

Whether on one ski or two, as a disabled athlete or not , it is all the same. Although some may struggle to get out in the snow, once they strap in the ski hill becomes an open playground to leave all limitations behind.

We recently got to share a ski camp in Winter Park Colorado with 5 adaptive Athletes and just like every other ski camp we have hosted we were reminded all over again, the Joy of the Turn.