Last winter, resorts across the European Alps faced record-high temperatures and low precipitation. Although a snowy April helped some resorts keep their lifts spinning, that wasn't enough for La Sambuy— a small, family-owned resort in France.

During the 2023-2024 season, La Sambuy was only able to spin their lifts for a few weeks during January and February. But even then, the piste was filled with rocks and bare patches. Historically, they had snow from early December to the end of March, reported La Sambuy’s mayor, Jacques Dalex.

While the resort wasn't large, it's 3 lifts and range of beginner to expert slopes were popular with families— offering a seven-day lift pass for just €97. However, the annual cost to run lifts is €80,000, and as a result, La Sambuy was losing around €500,000 annually.

La Sambuy’s town council, who has managed the resort since 2016, chose to close the lifts for good. They will begin to disassemble the lifts, and instead market themselves as a summer destination for hiking. As of September 10th, their website announced the 'Ski Resort Closed Definitively' with an additional notice that read, "Thank you for this beautiful summer season 2023, and for all the wonderful years spent by your side. We look forward to seeing you again soon."