Awon - Low Key ft. Linkrust & Nique [Official Music Video] Dir. by @JeremyPancras

published Apr 2020 - 606 views

Ever since I started practicing Xtreme sports I was attracted by the underground and rebel side of Hip Hop music. This gender was indeniably part of a sport that followed its footsteps as a community.

After years of creating videos with songs from various artists around the globe I finally reached out to one of my favorite artist Awon who agreed to create a song for my next movie #KEEPITREALtheproject. I sent him a full page of ideas on what I wanted to say, what the beat should sound like, how we could handle the shooting, add Nique to the casting, etc…

Couple months later Linkrust came out with a beat that fitted perfectly what I was seeking : a track that would mix up the lyricism of old school Hip Hop and the party vibe of new-school Trap. Something that would correlate with old school ski bums and new-school « Bunch style » skiers.

Full movie available on Youtube to discover the rest of the story.

Music available on every streaming platforms : Spotify / Deezer / Amazon Music / Google Play… Link below the Youtube video clip.

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