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LALODGE TV Episode #1 - I ride with an NBA player

by panpan
Dec 2020 - 409 views

LALODGE TV is the making of a dream of my best friend #HugoLaugier, mixing up his sport with other universes.

We’ve had the pleasure to welcome #BorisDiaw, living legend of French #Basketball and winner of the 2014 #NBA with the #Spurs 🥇 The complicity between these really showed us we chose the right path to follow for this entreprise. It is a great pleasure that I introduce you to this pilote episode that I hope everyone will appreciate.

Shout out to every persons involved in the creation of this piece, we hope you'll enjoy this #pilote episode.

Awon - Low Key ft. Linkrust & Nique [Official Music Video] Dir. by @JeremyPancras

by panpan
Apr 2020 - 808 views

Ever since I started practicing Xtreme sports I was attracted by the underground and rebel side of Hip Hop music. This gender was indeniably part of a sport that followed its footsteps as a community.

After years of creating videos with songs from various artists around the globe I finally reached out to one of my favorite artist Awon who agreed to create a song for my next movie #KEEPITREALtheproject. I sent him a full page of ideas on what I wanted to say, what the beat should sound like, how we could handle the shooting, add Nique to the casting, etc…

Couple months later Linkrust came out with a beat that fitted perfectly what I was seeking : a track that would mix up the lyricism of old school Hip Hop and the party vibe of new-school Trap. Something that would correlate with old school ski bums and new-school « Bunch style » skiers.

Full movie available on Youtube to discover the rest of the story.

Music available on every streaming platforms : Spotify / Deezer / Amazon Music / Google Play… Link below the Youtube video clip.

KEEP IT REAL - Official trailer

by panpan
Sep 2019 - 1.9K views

#KEEPITREALtheproject : a Freeski culture documentary, discover a one year World tour relating a story of self-acceptance through sports, art and lifestyle.

Directed, filmed and edited by Jeremy Pancras.

For more informations :

Casting :


Supported by :


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WOULD YOU - Full Movie by Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Dec 2018 - 7.7K views

Network A Presents WOULD YOU

After breaking his back in competition, French freestyle skier Jeremy Pancras sets out to show the world what it means to be a freeskier and follow your passion.

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That early season - Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Jan 2014 - 6.6K views

This self edit shot in the resorts of Keystone and Breckenridge - CO sums up 3 weeks of fun with the homies. Thanks Etienne Merel, Arthur Moreau, Quentin Gamond, Greg Dufosse for the footages and to the rest of the crew for the laughs. Shoutout to these guys without who nothing would be possible : Volkl, Marker, XSories, GoPro, Glisshop and Dakine. For more news : or Instagram @jeremypancras

Would You - Official Trailer

by panpan
Sep 2018 - 4.4K views

After breaking my back in competition, I decided to put a project together that allowed us to show the world our way of seeing life through our passions.
Après m’être cassé le dos en compétition j’ai décidé de créer un projet qui nous permettrait de montrer au monde notre façon de voir la vie à travers nos passions.

Small talks and fast skiing, I had the chance to create a movie with a cast of athletes from all horizons that have always inspired me, find them on Instagram :
Petites discussions et ski rapide, j’ai eu la chance de réaliser ce film avec la participation d’un casting d’athlètes de tous horizons qui m’ont toujours inspiré, retrouvez les sur Instagram :

Alex Ferreira @alexferreiraski
Broby Leeds @brobyleeds
Colby Stevenson @colby_stevenson
Dylan Sondrup @dylan_sondrup
Hugo Laugier @hugolaugier
Jake Carney @jc_peggy
Jake Mageau @m1sta_mango
Noah Bowman @noahbowmanski
Sam Ferguson @sameeeferg
Tanner Hall @tannerhall420
Taylor Seaton @taylorseaton
Torin Yater-Wallace @torinyw

Thanks to our sponsors for giving me the opportunity to produce my first movie, none of this would have been possible without them : VÖLKL, Marker Products, Dalbello Ski Boots, DAKINE, La Clusaz, BAM Freesports, Oakley and GoPro.
Merci à nos sponsors de me donner l’opportunité de réaliser mon premier film, rien de tout ça ne serait possible sans eux : Volkl, Marker, Dalbello, Dakine, La Clusaz, Bam Freesports, Oakley et GoPro.

Thanks to the filmers for their precious help : Alex Beaudoing, Drew Lederer, Florian Terry, Hugo Laugier, Kyler Sciarrone and Richard Mangum.
Merci aux cadreurs pour leur aide précieuse : Alex Beaudoing, Drew Lederer, Florian Terry, Hugo Laugier, Kyler Sciarrone et Richard Mangum.

Song by Awon & Dephlow - Lights off produced by Don't Sleep Records.
Musique par Awon & Dephlow - Lights off produit par Don’t Sleep Records.

Get updated on the movie and else on Instagram and Facebook @jeremypancras
Restez connectés sur le film et autres sur Instagram et Facebook @jeremypancras

Trick or treat - Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Nov 2016 - 12.4K views

Had an awesome day getting back on skis on Haloween after a month healing up a collarbone surgery. Hyped on the winter to start, huge thanks to Les 2 Alpes for hosting us so well as always and I hope you will like this cut fully produced on GoPro Hero 4 and stabilized with the GH4 from Feiyu Tech.
Thanks as well to my other sponsors for the help along the way : Volkl, Dakine and Oakley.