EGO-TRIP by Remco Kayser

by Remco
Nov 12th - 5.3K views

After surprisingly being invited for Superunknown XV in Winter Park Colorado, I didn't want to fly to the USA for just a week, so I talked with fellow finalists Simon Bartik and Jessy Desjardins and we organised what became the best road-trip of my life. I joined Simon, Jessy, Carlo Mion, Philippe Clairoux, Philippe Gaucher and Kevin Desjardins in Portland where we later drove to California and Colorado trough some epic scenery. Hope you will enjoy, ONE LOVE ! What to expect: - Illegal stuff such as 3 different angles for a cork 9 - Beautiful landscapes from our road trip - Nice still pictures - Quality shots from Mammoth filmed by the man Carlo Mion - Unseen shots from Winter Park during Superunknown. - Pretty bad crashes - Good music - A selfie in front of the Tesla Gigafactory in Reno - A broken down Tesla in the middle of some Oregon forest and in the middle of the night - A rail run from Carlo who’s a good filmer AND and great skier Huge thanks to Wells Lamont, my parents, my friends, uni, Geneva and everyone out there !!!!

Summit-Danya Manyak

by D.Manyak
Nov 10th - 170 views

Danya Manyak hiking some early season rails at A-basin and Keystone. Big thanks to Akrynm Clothing, Zeal Optics, and Apex Boots for the support!


by trifonitchev
Nov 9th - 132 views

it's been already published on newschoolers in the summer by an other account , i just wanted it to be uploaded on my personal for the record. thanks for the people making it possible so apologies for the repost @thomastrifonitchev ig

Season ender 17/18

by kalle.
Nov 8th - 236 views

I've started my transformation from a park skier to an all-mountain dude fully last season, so naturally I try to bring that to my skiing when I'm in the park. So I decided to drop this edit I made for the gram on NS too, hopefully you'll like it. This is from the last day of 17/18 season. Filmed by Sami Lindsberg @skeggesami

Josh Porter | Grassroots 2018

by joshwar_porter
Nov 5th - 128 views

Here's my entry to the #PLANKSGRASSROOTS 2018 competition! It's been a great year of skiing around the country on and off the slopes- here's to an even more crazy 2019! Rider: Josh Porter (19) Filmed by Luke Watts, Harry Shaw, William Porter, Riagain Grainger, and other friends Additional Footage: Oli Kane Edited by Josh Porter Filmed at Stoke Ski Centre, Chill Factor, Peel Park, Fornby Beach Music: ODESZA - Say My Name (feat. Zyra)

Always Alright - Full FridgeBangers Movie

by FridgeBangers
Nov 1st - 1.1K views

Check out our first short movie, Always Alright. Filmed at Domes and Dryslopes across England with some of the best up and coming talent in the UK scene. Follow our journey through the summer of 2018. Featuring the skiing of: Mason Ferebee, Justin Taylor-Tipton, Tom Greenway, Luke Watts, Kieran Kerr, Ed Hallett, Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington, Josh Rooke, Teddy Halket, Harry Shaw, Lara Shaw, Row Emery, Haydyn Fiori and Mason Flannery. Filmed by Oli Kane, Max Allcock and Josh Porter Edited by Oli Kane Supported by AfterJam Collective, Butta, SkatePro and Undeniable.TV

SKI OR DIE 2018 | Official Death Edit

by Newschoolers
Oct 31st - 4K views

SKI OR DIE, the rowdiest "competition" in skiing, returned once again and delivered some of the gnarliest crashes & epic partying we've seen yet. Ski or Die IG: FB: Music: VVV - 666 Spotify: Ski or Die Photo Recap: Ruka Resort:


by Northswingers
Oct 28th - 551 views

Northswingers (NSP666) presents GLOBAL WARNING. This is our first bigger video project and we hope that we have managed to bring out a little different video that you are used to see from us. In Global Warning we have tried to show our vision of living, enjoying life and skiing in Norway during summer.

Max Selbekk // Early Season @ Saas-Fee

Oct 24th - 156 views

After a rough knee injury last season, Max opened the year at Saas-Fee warming up with a few greasy lines. Max was on the contest circuit the past few seasons and competed in the Swedish Slopestyle Tour and the World Cup in Milan. Hype to see the man back and cruising. Max Selbekk aka @maxselbekk Song: Royce da 5'9" - Boom


by Moritz_Klein
Oct 23rd - 44 views

Moritz Klein and Geert Goossens with their ski edit from Tignes in summer 2018, filmed by GFS Camps and Mathieu Tranchida. We are skiers from Germany and Belgium who train in a big indoor centre in the Netherlands trying to establish Freeski and pushing our limits. Music: Black Coast - TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix) ~~~~~~~» Lucian «~~~~~~~ Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: ❤ on Hypem: ~~~~~~~» Black Coast «~~~~~~~ Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: Contact:


by Katobanda
Oct 23rd - 14 views

EINS is short 6-minute movie about first year of Katobanda Freeski team. We are based in Poland, Silesia. Enjoy! :) Riders: Bogusław Plaza, Daniel Drożdż, Mikołaj Valkowsky, Szymon Wieteska, Kamil Kotarski, Marcin Pośpiech, Bartłomiej Sibiga, Bartek Trybus, Mateusz Augustyn, Filip Wiseman Łajza, Tobiasz Szyndler, Andrzej Sztuczka Making of: Mikołaj Valkowsky

season edit 2017/2018

by david_f
Oct 23rd - 176 views

mostly gopro shots from our deep winter in the alps. music: . Jose Gonzalez - Time To Send Someone Away (Broke For Free Remix) licen...

Fuck being normal Ep. 3 - Springtime

by FreeFeelers
Oct 21st - 206 views

This episode is about the end of the 16/17 season and is all about sun, slush and happy dayz on snow :) Hope you enjoy it! Rider: Norwin Gaillard Filming: Ilian Gaillard (sry for the partly akward arm swings, workin on it ^^ )

Jaime Rico L2A 2018

by jrico
Oct 21st - 227 views

Season self-edit - Summer 2018 Les 2 alpes Thank you very much L2A family Song: Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Hippie Sabotage Remix

five - Christian Moser

Oct 15th - 178 views

five by Christian Moser A couple of parkshots from season 17/18 in the jib parks of Oslo, Hafjell, Nesselwang, Laax, Adelboden, Bispingen, Zermatt, Klaeppen, Geilo, Silvaplana and Folgefonna with Christian. Filmed by the members of THE SQAD Christian says thank you to: Line Skis, Melon Optics & Diamond Boardshop

18/19 opener

by kalle.
Oct 9th - 823 views

Ruka opened and we went there. I set up a goal to not hit any normal boardslides and I didn't. Decided to throw these clips together quickly. #eurocarve PuSu Skis knucklehead.

Scottish skiing edit 2018

by andy9127
Oct 9th - 316 views

Wee edit I threw together. I know the skiing ain't shite but theres not many Scottish skiing edits out there so thought i'd stick it up. Everything self filmed. Also in Scotland the parks have about 4 features. Thoughts about editing would be decent.