Trollhaugen // Human Being // UNRESOLVED Ep.3 Vol.4 // 2019/20

published Jan 2020 - 1,922 views

The work of these trolly Human Beings is never done. Day in and day out, they clock in, crunch numbers, push pencils, run schematics, and generally just get down to business. Solutions arise and puzzles get temporarily solved, but make no mistake, the job is never finished. We tip our hats to you Human Beings. Your dedication to the never ending game provides us great joy. SKOL!

Film/Edit: Nick Schoess

Music: Acadian Driftwood - The Band

Titles/Text: David Duea

Skiers (In order of appearance): David Duea, Sam Lobinsky, Nate Miceli, Robin Gillon, Cayden Wood, Kian Barrett, Richard Thomas, Drew Ahlstrom, Adam Peterson

Special Thanks: Marsha Hovey, Valerie Schoess, Trollhaugen, Troll Park Crew, ON3P, Pinewskis, Colab Brand, Scott @ ON3P, Dan Pinewski, Trevor Pinewski, Cory Pinewski, Karl Bekkala, Kael Luberts, David Duea, Kian Barrett, Sam Lobinsky, Matt Kaye, J-LO, Mom/Dad, Drew Ahlstrom, Ben Neeson, Matt Krohn, Jack Kaiser, Grant Sadusky, Dave Sutton, Adam Peterson EVERYONE WHO WATCHES AND SUPPORTS WHAT WE'RE DOING!

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