LINE Traveling Circus 15.4 - Get Back In The Van

published Feb 2023 - 5,849 views

Get Back in The Van! The LINE Traveling Circus is back with its fourth and final episode of season 15. This one gets wholesome as the crew travels to White Pass Ski Resort in Washington to jib the OG TC van in its final resting place. Andy's World, Pow Turns, and legendary van jibbing are the themes of this season's finale, so Get Back in The Van and watch the new episode!

A huge thank you to White Pass Ski Resort for seeing our vision in creating a feature out of the original Traveling Circus Van! If you want to get the chance to ski on the van, venture over to White Pass, where the van will be set up in the park all winter long!

TC Crew: Andy Parry, Will Wesson, Bennie Osnow, Pete Koukov, Simeon Glas, Mitchell Brower, Taylor Lundquist, Jed Waters, Dasha Agafonova-Knight, LJ Strenio, Evan Attaway, Mike Carmazzi, Simon Knight, Connor Clayton

Film & Edit: Jake Strassman

Kirari - Another Green World
Day Job - LC Pumpkin
Another Land - Medio Mutante

Download Andy's World:

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Credit: LINE Traveling Cirucs

Location: White Pass Ski Resort

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