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LINE Traveling Circus 12.1 - More East Coast Hard Core Real Stuff Part 3

by Line_Skis
Oct 17th - 1.8K views

Learn more about the episode, and watch the previous seasons:

Backyard Ski-Board (definitely not ski blade) sessions, A tractor powered Rope Tow, LJ remembering how to bang, and the return of Ian Compton.

The crew re-unites with their long lost comrade, Ian Compton, at his little piece of paradise in Vermont. From backyard ski-board sessions to tractor powered rope tow laps at Ian's Shangri-La, to severe east coast conditions at Mount Snow, the crew remembers what it's like to ski East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff.

Vision Quest feat. Dylan Siggers & Rob Heule

by Line_Skis
Sep 26th - 1.1K views

See the light:

Dylan Siggers is classic in all comparisons to the label; his mannerisms, demeanor and general good nature are classically Canadian. His riding style, his versatility and ability to send are classically what a LINE pro is.

He helped in the development of the #LINEVision and wanted to show the world what they can do, in any condition good or bad. So he teamed up with filmer Jake Strassman and pulled some favors to get a hut trip together in Golden, BC and a few days ripping the in-bounds at Kicking Horse with Rob Heule to produce this blood pumping mini-film for us all to enjoy.

LINE 2019/2020 Pandora Collection Skis – Women’s Specific All Mountain Performance

by Line_Skis
Sep 16th - 63 views

Check out the 2019-2020 LINE Pandora Collection:

Created in collaboration with Jackson Hole & #LINEskiswomen ripper Hadley Hammer, the #LINEpandora Collection defines all-mountain capacity. Quick edge-to-edge performance paired with a surf-like feel on the backend of turns, the Pandora Collection represents the Women’s specific all-mountain skis you need – no matter the conditions.

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Shenanigans // LJ Strenio's 2015 Season

by Line_Skis
Jan 2016 - 9.1K views

From blower powder in Japan to backflips on The Great Wall of China to loop de loop tracks in the backcountry, LJ Strenio did a little of everything during 2015. Here's the story of his less than orthodox season, as told by him.

LINE Traveling Circus 10.1: Arizona Ice TC

by Line_Skis
Oct 2017 - 7.6K views

The Boys are back for their 50th episode! In the season premiere of the tenth season of the LINE Traveling Circus, Andy Parry, Jarrad McCarl, and Will Wesson head to the desert of Arizona and do their best to fit in with the locals. Oh, and drink a lot of Iced Tea. Like a LOT. Oh yeah, and they went skiing. Check it out!