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ATV – Robert Ruud 2023

by Line_Skis
Feb 22nd - 1.6K views

Robert Ruud had one hell of a season – filming with the LINE team in Japan, lapping his home park at Geilo with Traveling Circus, or hitting back country rails with Tom Wallisch and Mitchell Brower... A true ATV.

Here's the very best of the best from Rob's 23-24 season.

Filmed by:
Jake Strassman
AJ Dakoulas
Christian Bjønness

Edit by:
Jake Strassman

"Easy Prey" by Lil Ugly Mane

Joel Liimatainen | 2323

by Line_Skis
Feb 12th - 2.2K views

In the words of Joel: "2323 is my two-year street skiing solo project. It takes the viewer on a video game-type journey through music and skiing! 💜🎮💜"

REVENANT | Thomas Trifonitchev

by Line_Skis
Jan 16th - 1.9K views

Despite a low tide winter season in Europe Thomas Trifonitchev also known as 'Coach Trifes' or 'Trifes' took full advantage of his scarce opportunities to get in front of the lens.

In his own words:
This part wasn’t even planned to be honest. Only half way into the season I realized I’ll be at three shootings as a guest and I might as well use them to create a piece - I don’t get to shoot that often so I was very stoked about it. The goal was to underline my tall 6’4 and beefy-looking being with some creative tricks, proper grabs, and big landings. I’m hyped to showcase our LINE Chronic Collection in a true all-mountain fashion, ski anywhere kind of way, and carry the design of the series throughout the edit.

As I started to feel like people merely view me as a coach and not an active skier - I’ve chosen the title 'Revenant'. I hope you’ll vibe with it and special thanks to LINE for inviting me to Utah and Dennis Ranalter for the inclusion in the Descendant Movie. Go watch it if you haven’t already.“

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Shenanigans // LJ Strenio's 2015 Season

by Line_Skis
Jan 2016 - 10.5K views

From blower powder in Japan to backflips on The Great Wall of China to loop de loop tracks in the backcountry, LJ Strenio did a little of everything during 2015. Here's the story of his less than orthodox season, as told by him.

LINE Traveling Circus 10.1: Arizona Ice TC

by Line_Skis
Oct 2017 - 9.2K views

The Boys are back for their 50th episode! In the season premiere of the tenth season of the LINE Traveling Circus, Andy Parry, Jarrad McCarl, and Will Wesson head to the desert of Arizona and do their best to fit in with the locals. Oh, and drink a lot of Iced Tea. Like a LOT. Oh yeah, and they went skiing. Check it out!