ALL ABOUT NAKAYA - Season Project Janic Cathomen

published Dec 2021 - 1,304 views

Stoked to put together another little edit, filmed last winter in switzerland. Nakaya is the name of a Japanese snow researcher. He invented the Nakaya snow diagram, which shows the formation of any form of a snow-crystal dependent to the given saturation of water in air and the air temperature. I see it as an irony: doesn’t matter if you are an avalanche nerd or a skier who likes slush the most. In the end, the difference on what we prefer, lies just in the form of a snow-crystal and how it was formed.

Massive thanks for the soundtrack I could use from two local bands, EINÄ NINNTS an NOFNOG. Shoutout to all the people who helped out. Without you, that would not be possible.

Playtime: 00:04:08

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