Tignes Bound - Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Sep 2016 - 9.3K views

Took a day trip to shoot in Tignes for the High Five Festival and their collab with Dakine. Luckily I could spend an hour filming for myself and came back home with those POV shots. I hope you will like putting yourself in my boots and enjoy a couple runs in the park.

Thanks to these guys for making this possible : Volkl, Dakine, Oakley, GoPro and FeiyuTech.

Cut fully shot on GoPro black.

Zest life #2 (Summer 16)

by andrew.gierys
Sep 2016 - 2.6K views

My friend and I have been hacking around in the park for a year or two now. This summer we decided that it would be a good idea to take our scholarship money and use it to buy plane tickets. We also took a shitty old camera from my dad. This atrocity was the result.


by E__
Sep 2016 - 7.7K views

Couldn't find housing in Whistler so I bought a trailer and Zac and I lived out of it for 6 months. We filmed some of the fun. Dedicated to Pili for always being there.

Is this a Body Pretzel?

by J_skis
Sep 2016 - 8.6K views

After significant scientific research we have come to the conclusion that Gabe Taube's tricks do in fact defy the laws of physics. The skis tho >>

Cayden at Copper

by PeteMahn
Sep 2016 - 804 views

Got in a few days filming with Cayden at Woodward during session 8. Even though it was a short week he stacked shots and this is what we got. So yes Woodward still had a 3 jump line into August this year.

JBar Likes To Ski The PNW

by Jamie_Baril
Oct 2016 - 2.5K views

Another season, another edit...
The Cascades keep me stoked on shredding every year, so I'm going to hang around for a while.

Thanks to everyone who filmed, and thanks everyone who went soul skiing with me on all those days without a camera.

On Location @: Stevens Pass, Alpental, Summit at Snoqualmie, Whistler/Blackcomb, Timberline Lodge

Thanks for the support: K2 Skis, Northwest Tech, Evo, Dromas, and Summit Parks

Last but not least...remember kiddos turning is important, so pick up some poles and learn how to carve.


by troupe
Oct 2016 - 9.3K views

Our summer offering.
Every summer a congregation of likeminded individuals flock to Mt.Hood. A long time staple of summer riding within our scene, now its on us to keep that alive.
Featuring: Tim Ryan, Quinn Wolferman, Aiden Ulrich, Tyler Curle, Matt P'ng, Tyler Mega, Sam Winship, Corey Jackson, Kolton Smith, Hunter Hess
Edit: Aiden Ulrich
Film: Gavin Rudy, Cam Willis, Nick Broms, Noah Curry, Andrew Mildenberger, Aiden Ulrich.

Glacier Operations

by Coxworth
Oct 2016 - 2.9K views

Spent the summer on the blackcomb glacier working a ripping around with the homies, Bum knee had me on rails only but I worked on the technique and had a kil...

Endless Hikes

by nolaan
Oct 2016 - 1.7K views

The boys hiked a lot this summer. Woodward at Copper had the hike park open every weekend from June 18th to October 2nd and we were out there for most of that. Hiking that big patch of snow over and over again with the closest of friends for almost 4 months was so much fun.

Huge ups to the boys at Woodward for providing the fun and constantly switching up the features. Also huge thanks to Tim Nolan for coming out and filming as much as you did!

Alex Nolan, Zach Ryan, Boo Strachan, Chris Neltner and Condor O'brien

Guest Appearance by Karl the dog

Recordings of the Sun

by gravel
Oct 2016 - 22.1K views

It's a tiny ski movie, watch it if you like tiny ski movies.

Ski Kiddos
Ethan Swadburg, Miguel Porteous, Dane Kirk, Scott Nelson, Cody Wilder Ray, Nico Porteous, Reed Lewis, Calvin Barrett, Alex Hackel, Tim Ryan, Levi Ascher, Kai George, Clay Bryant, Tyler Mega, John Brown, Colby Stevenson, Alex Hall, Jonah Williams

Movie Guy
Gavin Rudy

Extra Movie Guys
Jacob Callaghan, Andrew Mildenberger, Evan Heath, Ryan Braun, Nick Broms, Oliver Hoblitzelle, The Crew

A Round of Applause For
Rick, Annie, and Geneva Ascher, Jay Badgley, Eric Fisher, Emily Tidwell, Aaron Hunter, Gabe Taube, Brendon Gesior, Ben Smith, Cottie Gorham, Chris Porteous, Spencer Harkins, Grace Frank, Patrick Moore, Jimbo Morgan, Garrett Balen, Dog, Mom, Dad, and Delaney

Oscar Nominees
Explorer Guy - Brennan Scott-Williams, Ollie McQueen - Ethan Swadburg, No Context Bed Sheet Clad Evil Villain - Levi Ascher

Tor - Myth, SBTRKT - Higher ft. Raury, Ann Peebles - Trouble, Heartaches, and Sadness, Beach House - Days of Candy

Storyline Sounds
Kevin MacLeod - Oppressive Doom; Devastation and Revenge

Supported by
Phunkshun Wear


MMXV/Kazakov Arkadiy

by DeadLine
Oct 2016 - 4.7K views

Arkadiy Kazakov @arkazakov
Big thanks to Anteater, Sony, Piterland.
Filmed by Mikhail Shishebarov, Alex Golovkin, Ilia Kazhevnikov, Alex Dorinov

Sage Frontella Season Edit 15/16

by Sage_F
Oct 2016 - 2.7K views

This is my season edit for the 15/16 season. I am really stoked with how it turned out! Thanks to my sponsors for supporting me this season. Also thanks to my friends…