Tristan MP 18/19

by Tristan.MP
Nov 14th - 171 views

I love skiing.

Song: "Space" - First World

Filmers: Kerr McEwen, Villy Bouchard, Jacob Erickson, Mark Wlodarczyk, Tom McDougall, Max Bonazzo, Sam Kuch

Huge thanks to:
Faction Skis
Sacred Ride
Red Mountain Resort
Whitewater Ski Resort
Sunshine Village
Strafe Outerwear
Panda Poles
Giro Goggles
FeiyuTech Gimbals
Ripping Giraffe Boardshop


by 4west
Nov 10th - 15.4K views

2018/19 team movie. Talent from B_rud, Ryan Kennedy, Kyle Coxworth, Matt Martin & Etienne Geoffrey. Featuring, Brayden Tritter, Collin Bridger, Spencer Saltys, Dakota Eliuk, Mark valtr, Lucas Reid, Jack Zapisocki, Tony Rocket, Gatley O'Neill, Gangsta Allice, Em Lucas.

Big up's to all the homies that helped & everyone who made this possible.

We'll Meet Again

by 860media*
Nov 8th - 2.6K views

With the May migration in full force last spring, the boys packed their bags and headed West.

Created By|
Chris DeJohn
Bryan Jones

Mike DeJohn
Chris DeJohn
Rob Newton
Ian Ackerman
Eric Kren
Garret Colby
Bennie Osnow
Larz Lund

Toby Kieff - Over

Maxo Kream - Meet Again

Supported by|
Line Skis
Full Tilt Boots


by jackbotti
Nov 5th - 51 views

It's here. KTS4. Wow, what a wild journey it has been with these guys.
We started Keep the Stoke Alive with one thing in mind - to look back at our lives as college students. I have no doubt in my mind that this was a gateway to my profession as a videographer, and I give every ounce of thanks to our unofficial brand: Keep the Stoke Alive. It has encouraged me to move forward with filming and pursue my passion. Shooting for the series has been a great motivator for us to get outdoors and separate my client work with personal work. I think it says a lot about a project when it’s all you want to work on even if you have much higher client priorities.
We have made a commitment to use this series as way to look back on our lives, and it gives me an outlet for full creative freedom to do what I want with the videos - music, cuts, dialogue, thumbnails, titles, promotion, not monetizing, no deadlines, etc... With today’s other work I’m restricted by some of these factors... Though the series might be coming to an end as we grow older, we believe KTSA has stoked the fire within us you and we hope it has inspired you all to do the same🌹Though you may have seen some of these shots before, we want to give you a BTS look of how this all happens. Think of it like one big movie into our lives. Behind all the cool stuff. I promise you it’ll be the best one yet.


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18/19 SkiBum Season Edit

by ThatYoungSkiBum
Oct 28th - 674 views

Another amazing year on the road skiing all over North America. Had some unexpected challenges to overcome this year, but ineviatbly turned out to be one of the best years to date. Thank you to all the people involved, Enjoy!!

Support From:
Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works
Tallt Productions

AfterJam Freestyle Camp '19

by AfterJam
Oct 15th - 731 views

This summer, in the glorious town of Les Deux Alpes, we took out an unbelievably awesome group of people keen to hone their freestyle skills and get funky for a week of fun and AJ goodness. Hold tight for the trips highly anticipated return next summer!

Big ol' merci to the trips sponsors // Dragon Soop, Monster Energy, Lydia, Graystone Action Sports, The Spot, Smithy's Tavern, Jibworx, Fridgebangers, and of course - the crew at Roam and Wasteland Ski.

Snovoid Issue One out now!

by SnovoidMagazine
Oct 14th - 420 views

*** ***

In this issue we have:
- Some photos from in Japan.
- Check what @calcarson is up to.
- LookBack at Marc Dandurand’s compilation part.
- The first official Illegal Tricks list.
- Bunk of the Month.

Submit photos or feedback at
Instagram screen name @snovoid_zine

If you are interested in getting a physical copy, send me a message and we'll try to make something work. Trust me, way better on paper than on your phone or whatever.

Hope you like it!

Heated Ski Boot Bag - Mo Pros

by MoPros
Oct 2nd - 125 views

Fully waterproof ski boot travel bag is now here and exclusively offered by Mo Pros. This is the perfect travel solution for any skier who is looking for heated boots for any place to explore.

The Hood Days

by claytongreenberg
Sep 5th - 288 views

First summer on Mt Hood was a blast and definitely one i will never forget, This is a little edit of the summer

Riders (in order of apperance) : Naish Invie, Reese Rule, Ethan Swadburg, Jon Marks, Levi Ascher, Bryce Hayes, Tristan Fountain, Zach Baldwin, Severin Corallo, Henri Swischuk (torn ACL)

Hunter Sherwood // Woodward Tahoe

Aug 22nd - 358 views

Hunter put in many hours this summer coaching out at Woodward Tahoe, but left a little time for himself to stack some clips. Check out what he’s been up to.

Rider: Hunter Sherwood @the_skiing_asian
Filmer: Zach Pfeiffer @patagucciplug

Song: No Going Back by Yuno

After Hours at Palmer

by patagucciplug
Aug 18th - 572 views

The current Palmer chairlift was completed in 1996, and is built to withstand wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) and 200 inches (510 cm) of snow. Its construction time was less than six months due to a limited building season imposed by the local weather conditions.[4]

Paul Conroy
Andrew Branch
Joey Van derMeer
Zach Pfeiffer

Good Intentions

by Diesel1SiX
Jul 22nd - 59 views

re uploaded in HD

Good Intentions - Documented by the 1SiX Crew during the 2018/2019 ski season in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Filmed by: Nick, Christian, and Devin Calkins

Edited by: Christian and Devin Calkins


by twoowtskis
Jul 2019 - 456 views

Feel the atmosphere of May skiing with TWOOWT Fam! Danny Agntsev, Timur Kamalov, Dmitriy Makrushin and Andrey Anufriev break into the most anticipated closing of the season - Summer Snow Session by Happy Hour Camp. Enjoy the highlights!

#twoowtskis #twoowtFAM #twoowtMAKRO #twoowtDYEDSTICKS #summersnowsession #twoowtxhhc #newschoolers


It's the Joint

by 860media*
Jul 2019 - 3.4K views

With the little to no gnats, and the snow melting fast the crew was fired up. We knew it would be our last time touching snow for a few months so we took advantage of it. Shoutout to Carinthia Parks and the crew for making the best parks in the East.

Created by:
Chris DeJohn
Bryan Jones

Garret Colby
Eliot Deleo
Mike DeJohn
Jack Heath
Jake Duncan
Rob Newton
Ian Ackerman
Chris DeJohn

It's The Joint - Funky 4+1

2019 Session 3, Momentum Camps

by Momentum
Jul 2019 - 717 views

Brody Jones and Colby Eubanks

Jarrad McCarl
Colby Stevenson
Max Moffat
Evan McEachran
Jake Carney
Brenden Kelly
Mikey Ciccarelli
Nessa Dzieman
Joss Christensen
Fabian Bosch

VIP: Icelantic Skis

by WoodwardCopper
Jul 2019 - 748 views

Clowning around with Icelantic Skis for Week 4 of Summer Camp at Woodward Copper. Featuring Cody Potter, Calvin Barrett, Jaron Stadler, and Sam Winship in Pipeline Park
Video by Jack Benziger

Momentum Session 2, 2019

by Momentum
Jul 2019 - 877 views

Summer Session 2 at Momentum Camps - in a nutshell.

Brody Jones + Colby Eubanks

Max Moffatt
Simon D'Artois
Mikael Kingsbury
Evan McEachran
Jarrad McCarl
Alex Bellemare

OS Week @ WoodWard Tahoe

by OnSlaught
Jul 2019 - 515 views

The OS Crew took over Wood Ward Tahoe for session 3 this summer, and it was an absolute blast! Campers were stoked on all the swag, the crew threw down! Enjoy a little taste of summer camp on us... ! Thanks to the Wood Ward for making it happen!

Addition footage:

Mason Kennedy
Brett Fisher
Jess Limeberner
Graham Gray
Zach Pfiffer
Justin Juice Kennedy


by h.robarge
Jun 2019 - 3K views

Henry - Hern - Scern

My 2018-2019 season compiled into one piece, from many places. Made possible by all the family and friends.

Huge thank you to everyone who pointed a camera my way this winter, you know who you are.

P³ the gang.

Leland Broadhurst Season Edit 18/19

by lelandbroadhurst
Jun 2019 - 710 views

Coming back from a huge ankle injury was really difficult, I struggled with it throughout this year but i'm super stoked on making it through the winter alive! Thanks to my friends, family,and filmers over the year who helped me through this season. Also thanks to my sponsors Liberty Skis and Ski Fanatics. my gram: @lelandbroadhurst1 peep for more content if ya feel.