HALCYON DAYS - Trailer - Ski Film 2020

published Sep 2020 - 1,794 views

Halcyon Days (noun) a calm and peaceful period of time in the past.

With everything going on nowadays, the title seemed even more fitting.

Tune in October 13/14 for a free 24-hour premiere on Newschoolers!

Joona Kangas showed us around his hometown resort of Levi, Finland in the Arctic Circle. Jacob Hyllengren Larsson gave us a look into the ski scene within the city of Oslo, Norway.

Torge Nagel and Lucas Mangold showed us around the seemingly endless different ski resorts surrounding Innsbruck, Austria. Last but not least Kai Mahler introduced us to the freestyle heaven known as Laax, Switzerland.

Featuring Joona Kangas, Kai Mahler, Eirik Moberg, Jacob Hyllengren Larsson, Anttu Oikkonen, Lukas Schlickenrieder, Lucas Mangold, Torge Nagel, Daniel Hanka, Tobias Huber, Miika Virkki, Aleksi Laitinen.

With support from K2 & Jiberish.

Song: Godz Hand by Klimeks

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