Daniel Loosli | Sanctuary Turns

published Apr 2023 - 2,090 views

Words from Daniel about Sanctuary Turns:
For over 5 years, I was fascinated by the movements of skiing, especially in turns. For me, it was never in the foreground to ski a turn as efficiently or fast as possible but to have a nice feeling. Inspired by snowboarding, I devoted a lot of time to it.

It was very important to me to show this tangible part of skiing in the Sanctuary project. Something that everyone understands, whether it's my father who doesn't understand the difference between a 720 and a triple cork or someone who comes from the scene. It's supposed to show the park rats (which I probably am) the joy of getting off the rails and just skiing.

That's why this part consists of turns and a pleasant feeling of skiing. Be it at night, during the day, or with a little fresh snow on the slopes. The part is almost entirely skied with the Sakana, which in my opinion, is a ski that covers everything and still performs so well.

Filmer: Nicola Fürer, Migi Reibenschuh, Kai Mahler
Location: LAAX, Switzerland
Gear: LINE Sakana, LINE Blade.

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