10 Years of Ski Footage - Rob Boersma

published Mar 2022 - 505 views

Im 30 now so, so posting throw-backs saying "the glory days" is completely acceptable, as a disclaimer.*

This is a video with most of my ski footage from 2010-2021. Most of it came from 2010-2013 - because as mentioned above: "glory days".

I feel really lucky to be able to ski with such talented skiers - both growing up and now. It wasn't only skiing that was meaningful though, it was filming it with friends. We filmed so much, especially through the university years, and got to help/learn from incredible crews like Sherpas, PBP, Nipwitz and 4bi9.

I rarely had the best tricks, but luckily had committed and skilled filmers (and photographers) around to make things look alright! From our first "crew" Crabjam, to 403Media, the Fresh days and living in Whistler (now in MTL), skiing and filming has always brought me the closest friends and best memories.

I hope the next 30 years are filled with more of all this, and hope you enjoy this too-long video of some skiing!

Credit: Brent Callow and all the homies who filmed

Skier: Rob Boersma

Playtime: 00:17:30

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