Pep Fujas Joins the Show to Talk Wndr Alpine

by OutofBoundsPod
Jul 20th 2022 - 0 comments

This week on the Out of Bounds podcast, our guest is one of the hucking best to ever do it, pro skier, Pep Fujas (@pepujas). While Pep has been shredding it up for decades, our conversation focuses on what he’s up to these days with WNDR Alpine, where he is now the Vice President, Marketing & Product Development. WNDR is an Eco-conscious material and hard-good creator seeking to do better for the environment and churning out some cutting-edge skis in the process.
He and Adam talk about the sustainable microalgae-based materials they use and why. Also discuss what brought him there from K2, and what his day-to-day looks like. They also chat about what success looks like for a new ski brand and what actually sells skis? How do you convert a customer from hearing the message to swiping the credit card?