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Current Status: 178 & 170cm Alparka park skis now available! 184 & 175cm Pioneer freeride skis available now too!
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We're a different kind of ski company.
Our skis have 25% less plastic than usual by weight with hardwood sidewalls and veneer topsheet.
We use extra thick base and edge for longer ski and service life.
Our topsheets don't change year to year, so no firesales to clear 'this years' skis, skiing is not fashion.
We only change our skis when there is a substantial change to make.
As well as typical ski sales with direct or credit payment, we take payment in lay-away instalments.
We do snowsports industry discounts for a wide range of jobs in the industry.
We offer a refund if you return a pair of our skis after buying replacements. We sell single replacement skis.
If you want to know more about any of these things, drop us a message. FaunaSkis

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