Wiley Miller's Film A Connection To Gravity

by LowPressureSki
Nov 29th 2021 - 0 comments

Wiley Miller returns to the LPP to talk about his new documentary film, A Connection to Gravity. It's a behind the scenes story of Wiley's life and career highlighting the impact his mom has had on him and her current battle with ALS. We also talk about his home of Montana, getting his commercial pilot's licence, designing skis for RMU and much more.

Sam Kuch, IF3 Standout Skier of the Year Learns to Glide - LPP #191

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Nov 10th 2021 - 0 comments

Sam Kuch returns to the LPP freshly minted as the IF3 Male Standout Skier of the Year. He stopped by the Low Pressure Podcast Studios to talk about what’s changed in his life in the 3 years since he was last on the show including winning awards, firefighting, learning to paraglide and touring the country with the MSP Stomping Grounds premiere tour.

Get to Know Cole Richardson. IF3 Breakout Skier of the Year - LPP #190

by LowPressureSki
Nov 7th 2021 - 4 comments

Cole Richardson has just started his ski career but you'll learn here that the 20 year old, freshly minted IF3 Breakout Skier of the Year, knows what it takes to be successful in the long term. Cole is a goal setter who is a sponge for knowledge. He seeks out mentors, practices gratitude and already has a vision for himself beyond skiing. He's an impressive young man who is destined to inspire and do great things. Get to know Skier Cole.

Daniel Hanka is the kind of character skiing needs. - LPP #186

by LowPressureSki
Sep 7th 2021 - 12 comments

Czech Skier, Daniel Hanka talks to us about his unique path to being a pro skier including tragedy, some good luck and the kindness of strangers, He also tells the story of shipping his '68 Wildcat muscle car from the US and figuring out how to drive the tiny streets of Europe. We also cover his love of music and much more.

Get to know Cy Whitling, NewSchooler's Illustrator - LPP #178

by LowPressureSki
Feb 24th 2021 - 1 comments

Cy Whitling has emerged as skiing’s unofficial illustrator and has found a home here at NewSchoolers!
The demand for unique skiing content has never been higher. We’re all fatigued from the constant access to everyone’s sick lines, from the insta-fluencers posing pretty and from scrolling through post after post of branded content.  Cy’s distinctive and whimsical, ski-themed comics are just what we need.

Coline Ballet-Baz and The "SKIVAS" Just Raised the Bar. LPP #169

by LowPressureSki
Dec 4th 2020 - 1 comments

Coline Ballet-Baz' new film SKIVAS has just raised the bar. She gathered together a solid posse for this all female ski flick that has epic big mountain lines, a gnarly urban segment and a super fun pow segment. She talks about the process and challenges of making the movie, her humanitarian work, Protect Our Winters and much more.

Magnus Graner from The Bunch spills the Swedish Secrets - LPP #168

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Nov 27th 2020 - 0 comments

Magnus Graner is here to talk about the multiple award winning, yet to be released, "Is There Time for Matching Socks". He tells us the origin story of the Bunch at an X-Men style Space School in Northern Sweden and how they are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. On the LPP Magus is also announcing his partnership with Wells Lamont Snow!

Henrik Harlaut's 1st English Language Podcast! LPP #164

by LowPressureSki
Nov 6th 2020 - 4 comments

Henrik Harlaut joins the LPP for his 1st English language podcast. He talks about new 2 year film project SALUTE but that's not all!
He tells us about his singular focus, skiing, and the awareness of his influence on the sport and thus his hesitation to push progression too quickly. He also talks about Harlaut Apparel, his clothing line that is bringing him closer to his family as they develop the business together.

Grete Eliassen is Ready to Return

by LowPressureSki
Apr 14th 2020 - 5 comments

Grete Eliassen is Back! In 7 years since she stepped away from skiing she's finished her degree, started a new career and had a family. With all that in place, its time for the comeback. We talk about her new podcast, "WhatsYourLinewithGrete", whether her alter-ego, "G-Baby" will be spitting rhymes again and we talk about climbing out of windows while sleepwalking.

Mark Abma Shares Wisdom on the LPP

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Dec 20th 2019 - 0 comments

Mark Abma is a legend in skiing but you probably already knew that. He’s been a staple in MSP’s annual ski films for the last 18 years and has graced the pages and covers of most if not all of your favourite mags. Mark returns to the LPP today tell us what’s going on his life.

Evan McEachran joins the LPP from NewSchoolers HQ

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Nov 22nd 2019 - 0 comments

Evan McEachran joined the LPP at New Schoolers head office in Montreal to kick off #LPPSeason7! In this episode, Evan explains about how using a sports psychologist has helped him improve his overall performance and his personal style. We talk about cars, competing on a broken leg, his first backcountry filming mission and much more! Enjoy!