#178 Cy Whitling

Cy Whitling has emerged as skiing's unofficial illustrator. It seems the demand for unique skiing content has never been higher. We're fatigued from constant access to everyone's sick lines, from the insta-fluencers posing pretty and from scrolling through post after post of branded content. Due to this, ski memes are hot right now and so are Cy's distinctive, whimsical ski themed comics. Comics are, after all, the original memes.


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During the early stages of Covid-19, Cy had a shortage of work so he decided to paint something everyday, post it on social media and then see if people would buy it. He called the project, "Paintings To Poop To". The art in most bathrooms is generic and boring so he decided he would do his part to elevate the "experience" one room at a time.

The PTPT were a hit and attracted attention from media outlets like NewSchoolers.com where he now posts twice a week, the newly resurrected, Mountain Gazette Magazine and of course the LPP.

In this episode we talk about Cy's days working for Blister Review, the history of ski graphics and ski movie soundtracks, his "Backcountry Ski Blades", the next evolution of his art and much more.

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