Epic vs. Ikon vs. Mountain Collective vs. Indy: Which Should You Choose? 2022-23

published Apr 2022 - 697 views

The current ski season may not be fully over, but now is the best time to start looking for multi-resort passes for the 2022-23 season. The lowest rates for the popular Ikon Pass suite won’t be around for long, with prices going up April 22. Pricing for competing Epic Pass products will likely remain at their present level for a bit longer, but those who want 10 discounted buddy tickets will need to purchase a pass by April 21.

With these deadlines fast approaching, you may be debating whether to pick up one of these passes for next season. You may also be wondering whether any alternatives to these two big-name but costly products exist.

In this piece, we’ll aim to shed light on the differences between the Epic and Ikon pass suites. We’ll also dive into how they compare to the cheaper and lesser-known Mountain Collective and Indy Pass products.

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