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Jordanelle Trail: What the Bottom Half of Deer Valley’s Vertical Drop Is Really Like

by peakslopecontent
Apr 17th - 44 views

A run down Jordanelle, an advanced-intermediate Deer Valley trail that stretches 1,380 feet down the resort's lower half. Starting at Little Baldy Peak, the run extends down to the resort's very bottom elevation at the Jordanelle Ticket Office. Filmed in March 2021; conditions were early-spring-like at the time.

Deer Valley Resort is a ski resort located in Park City, UT, about an hour east of Salt Lake City. Snowboarding is not allowed. See our full mountain review here:

Idiot's Delight: A Run Down a Truly Extreme Alpine Meadows Chute

by peakslopecontent
Mar 28th - 162 views

A run down Idiot's Delight at Alpine Meadows, a truly extreme run with a mandatory drop-in off a cornice and filtering into a perilously tight couloir with no room for error. This line takes a 2-5 minute hike to reach from the Summit chair.

Idiot's Delight filters into the Wolverine Bowl, which comprises solid high-alpine terrain. This area then leads to the Face, a short but steep mogul run.

Alpine Meadows is a ski area located near the north shore of Lake Tahoe, California. While technically part of the same resort as Squaw Valley, the two are separate mountains and are connected by a shuttle service. See our full mountain review here:

The Snowbird Peruvian Tunnel Experience

by peakslopecontent
Mar 21st - 126 views

A ride through Snowbird's Peruvian Tunnel magic carpet, an engineering marvel that considerably improved access from Peruvian Gulch to the Mineral Basin back side. As of today, the Peruvian Tunnel is the only ski tunnel in North America.

Snowbird is a Utah ski resort located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, just outside Salt Lake City. It's known for having some of the best quality snow in North America. See our full mountain review here:

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Big Sky Sandwich Run: Snake Pit

by peakslopecontent
Jan 21st - 191 views

We assess a panini special from Big Sky's Uncle Dan’s Cookies (with locations at the bases of the Powder Seeker and Six Shooter lifts) while exploring the expert Snake Pit run.

This run was recorded in February 2020. Snow quality was very good at the time.

Big Sky is a Montana ski resort located in the Northern Rockies near Yellowstone. See our full mountain review here:

An Early Season Lap Down Squaw's Lower Dog Leg

by peakslopecontent
Dec 2020 - 139 views

A run down Squaw Valley’s Lower Dog Leg trail, off the Red Dog and Far East Express lifts, during Thanksgiving Weekend. Conditions were typical of the early season, with thin cover and protruding shrubs in many places. Wind levels were relatively high on the day of this recording.

Squaw Valley is a ski resort located in Olympic Valley, California near Lake Tahoe. See our full mountain review here:

A Run Down Beaver Creek's Expert-Only Royal Elk Glade

by peakslopecontent
Dec 2020 - 244 views

A journey down Beaver Creek's long, precipitously-pitched Royal Elk Glade on Grouse Mountain. Runs like this contribute to the resort's very high challenge score in our ratings. This clip was filmed over President's Day Weekend 2020, and conditions were normal for the time of year.

Beaver Creek is a ski resort located in Avon, Colorado—about two hours west of Denver. See our full mountain review here:

A Run Down the Expert Park City (Canyons) 9990 Area

by peakslopecontent
Mar 7th - 192 views

A line down the expert Ninety-Nine 90 area on Park City's Canyons side, starting at 94 Turns, jumping into the woods and chutes to the left of that trail, and popping out on the lower half of Moraine. All of these trails are designated as double-blacks, although several were rated as single-black before Park City and Canyons merged in 2015. Run recorded March 6, 2021; cover was below average for the time of year.

Park City Mountain Resort is a ski resort located in Park City, UT, about an hour east of Salt Lake City. See our full mountain review here:

Context on Fatal 9990 Backcountry Avalanches:

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