Steamboat Freshies (2/6/19)

by blastiann
Feb 2019 - 159 views

About 6” overnight and something like 4” the day before made for some great midweek Freshies. Hope you enjoy

Let me know if you ever want to do some pow skiing. I have both the epic and ikon pass, traveling a lot.

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by TwoBiFour
Feb 2019 - 191 views

Dezi's so old he's got one ski in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Figured we better film some LMP laps on his birthday while we pick out which nursing home we're gunna put him in next week. 


Home Court

by CharPoles
Feb 2019 - 476 views

We got the crew together this season to shred some PC park laps. We put the our park pole, the Trajectory Carbon and Trajectory Aluminum, to the test and had a blast doing it. We filmed this 100% using the Gopro7 mounted on Char Pole and were blown away by how easy it was to get incredible shots and angles. We're stoked on the convenience of having a camera in your pocket and a mount on your pole so you're always ready to get great shots without carrying any extra gear. Along with the our patented "Grab Strap" the camera mount makes the Char Pole the perfect park skiing pole. We want to see some epic spring park shots from the NS community using our poles so we're giving you 30% off using code: NS

Cheers from us at Char, don't hesitate to DM with any questions about the poles and have an awesome rest of the season.

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Top to Bottom at Jackson Hole with Tim Durtschi

by Newschoolers
Feb 2019 - 2.2K views

Coming in at 4,138 vertical feet, the top-to-bottom run at Jackson Hole is a rite of passage for skiers (and their quads) everywhere. Dropping over twice the vertical of average ski runs in North America, this legendary descent features more kinds of terrain in one go than you can find on most mountains in an entire day.

To put the GoPro HERO7 Black's new Hypersmooth technology to the test, TGR star Tim Durtschi just cranked a run featuring everything from the legendary Corbet's Couloir to mogul fields to pristine groomers. He didn't stop, he didn't use a gimbal, and the entire thing is so smooth it's almost enough to make you think you could do the same.

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Job Lessed

by methscratchface
Feb 2019 - 2.7K views

Backcountry has been fyre for us. Jah blessed with stable pow on all aspects. A couple more weeks of play before I gotta go back to worky. Keep the cold storms comin!

The Cornice Express

by garrett.
Feb 2019 - 3K views

Spent a day lapping chair 6 at Kirkwood. Shits fun. @gtbalen @whatfordchris @jesseeliot @momentskis @roxa_italian_skiboots @shorelinetahoe @kirkwoodmtn

Between The Trees 2.0

by tillewersSBG
Mar 2019 - 1K views

For some time, I have been playing with the idea of producing a powder project.
Last season, together with photographer Michael Fasching, I worked on a project called #betweenthetrees. It was just a photoshooting.
The primarily positive feedback on this project motivated us to continue working on projects like that one. This is how we got the idea for Between the Trees 2.0.
The motto of my employer Blue Tomato, “Work hard, ride harder”, gave me the idea to combine these aspects, work and leisure, in Between the Trees 2.0.
Together with Nico Schmidt (a filmmaker from Schladming), and Michael Fasching (former photographer of Blue Tomato) I found the fitting creators for the project. So therefore, we decided to realise the project in season 18/19.
Lucky for us, the New Year started with massive snow falls. The perfect conditions for shooting Between the Trees 2.0.
After countless hours on the mountain and behind the computer, we were able to finalise the project.
- Till Ewers

Blue Tomato, SMITH Optics, Lumipöllö, Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Dakine

This Is Why I Ski (And Do YouTube)

by BagOTricks
Mar 2019 - 1.3K views

All the hate I get is completely worth it when you have a day like this. Inspiring and helping the next generation of park skiers is the reason I made my channel. Keep the hate coming, because as long as young bloods are taking positives away from my videos, throwing down, and claiming new tricks when they land 'em, I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing.

POV Series #2

by Faction
Mar 2019 - 2K views

10 minutes of steep and deep freeride charging, captured from Sam Anthamatten and Johnny Collinson’s point of view.

Cut by: Etienne Mérel

Shot on Location: La Grave, France

Copyright (c) The Faction Collective SA

Please only use and share the embed code of this official video. Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.

Winter breaks & blue tree$

by Blade_Squad69
Mar 2019 - 302 views

My friend Luke is a rapper. He is white. He lives in salt lake. His music fucking bangs and this skiing is cool too.

Skeet blade squad




by 860media*
Mar 2019 - 1.4K views

The crew decided to check out Nob's midweek stomping ground Nashoba Valley. They have night skiing & light up rails, what else can ya ask for. Shoutout to Nashoba for the rad time!

Created by: Chris DeJohn
Additional: Connor Lowe