Big Mess of Homies FULL MOVIE

published Nov 2021 - 1,203 views


The Maine ski scene is pretty isolated from the rest of the east coast, so a bunch of us combined our footage together to make this street vid for ya

-Kyle Bell @kjbell13
-Ryan Brueninghaus @ryan.brueninghaus
-Sam Scheff
-Rowan Stamp @rowan138
-Sean Brueninghaus @seanbrueninghaus
-Carson Theriault @shovel.plug
-Ben Amburgey @a__burger
-Tommy Cogswell @tcogs_bahamas
-Zeke Tocci @not.zeketocci
-Eli Levesque
-Max Labonte @maxlabonte01
-Justin Ellis @onoffsnow
-Kyle Joseph @kyle___joseph
-Travis Boyington @boyington_t
-Zeke Wilson @zekew24

Primary Filming:
-Ben Amburgey
-Ian Bohrmann

-Ben Amburgey
-Ian Bohrmann (kj's opener)

Additional Filming:
-Hayden Breault
-Eli Levesque
-Estelle Ballard
-Edward Babbitt
-Max Lee

Big thanks anyone who helped out, hope to see you this time next year with another one :)

Credit: big ups @talltdan

Location: Maine

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