by woodsy
Sep 13th - 203 views

Have you ever wondered how it would actually be as a video game character? Well Woodsy and the crew got about as close as one could possible get last week at X Games Oslo...

Picture yourself at stratospheric heights stood atop a skyscraper of a drop-in ramp about to descend at an almost vertical angle through a tiny hole in the roof of Oslo’s Telenor Area into a world class jump and fly, no rather: soar, above the heads of thousands of gawping fans and with not only survival as your primary objective, but the taste of X Games glory daring you into throwing the biggest and best tricks the world has ever seen and tempting you ever further into doing it again.

We can all get the taste in video games however the true grit and determination, consequence and pain, misery and elation of shredding at this stage cannot be artificially reconstructed. This is the premise behind this series, strap in and go truly behind the scenes and see what it is and what it takes to live your dreams.

Welcome to Woodsy'sWorld, season 2... A bi-weekly video blog, behind the scenes in professional freeskier James Woodsy's world. Enjoy!

BEHIND THE SCENES AT XGAMES - En Route to OSLO | Woodsy'sWorld S2 #3

by woodsy
Sep 6th - 200 views

The typical migration between mountains takes an odd turn as the crew arrives in the city of Oslo, Norway! There’s a warm welcome and a quality evening all round as everyone catches up after a long summer, before moods are tempered the next day. The very first look at a new set up always induces different feelings from different folks however there are always golden moments which is EXACTLY why Brody has the camera rolling...

Buckle up, tune in and enjoy the ride as the X Games Oslo shredders gear up and get their first eyes on the brand new, first of it’s kind city big air jump that penetrates the outer stratosphere as well as the roof of the Telenor Arena!

Welcome to Woodsy'sWorld, season 2... A bi-weekly video blog, behind the scenes in professional freeskier James Woodsy's world. Enjoy!

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Created by Brody Jones

The Hood Chronicles

by claytong16
Sep 5th - 160 views

This summer on Mt Hood was a blast and definitely one i will never forget, working up at Timberline as a lift operator i ran the Pro Pipe tow then Palmer for the remainder of that summer. Didn’t have a lot of time to ride with the boys but whenever i did it was a blast! This is the first episode for the series im creating called The Hood Chronicles. Enjoy!
Riders (in order of apperance) :

Naish Invie

Reese Rule

Ethan Swadburg

Jon Marks

Levi Ascher

Bryce Hayes

Tristan Fountain

Zach Baldwin

Severin Corallo

TORN ACL Henri Swischuk


Sep 1st - 1.3K views

High school senior Jon McMurry built his own winch and made this street video during the 18/19 season. He recently moved to Utah and we can't wait to see what he gets up to!

Cut to the Clam

Sep 1st - 140 views

skiing on thick and thin (mostly thin) the crew traveled all over this season and despite the many trials (lack of a necessary can opener, forgetting where V...

How To Back Surface Switch Up On Skis

by SkiAddiction
Aug 31st - 199 views

If one simple move shows pure style and control, it's gotta be this one, the Back Surface Switch up! Dialling this skill in is the ultimate way to add to your bag of tricks and bring endless rail combinations together.

Read the full blog here:

Go to to get it for yourself!



by Drivethrew
Aug 28th - 785 views

Invited all the pro kooks around to come and chuck meat
Darrnel, Eggz, Josh, DAWG, Beck, Anatole, Connor, Owen, Shuan, DYLAN SIGGERS, carter, Cole, Luke, Ryland, Adam, Siblo, Kaleb, Ben-o, Joe, Seth, DRIVETHREW
And the first winner of the DTI is Tom Jolly.

After Hours at Palmer

by patagucciplug
Aug 18th - 515 views

The current Palmer chairlift was completed in 1996, and is built to withstand wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) and 200 inches (510 cm) of snow. Its construction time was less than six months due to a limited building season imposed by the local weather conditions.[4]

Paul Conroy
Andrew Branch
Joey Van derMeer
Zach Pfeiffer

ALL THE BOYS - MFC ft. Finn Bilous, Craig Murray. Hank Bilous and more....

Jul 29th - 10.3K views

The thunder down under is back and ready to bring some fire in the booth. MFC's first team movie in preperation for our first real movie coming out later this year. With some thrills, some spills and just some general balls to the walll HYPE.

Featuring: Finn Bilous, Craig Murray, Hank Bilous, Jamesa Hampton, Charlie Murray and Kenji Boekholt

Land flat and drink choccy milk.



by sadboyskier
Jul 18th - 357 views

Rendition of the szn.
filmers: Parker Stoltz and the some homies with the iphone and dad cam shots.
thanks for a sick szn

Leland Broadhurst Season Edit 18/19

by lelandbroadhurst
Jun 23rd - 680 views

Coming back from a huge ankle injury was really difficult, I struggled with it throughout this year but i'm super stoked on making it through the winter alive! Thanks to my friends, family,and filmers over the year who helped me through this season. Also thanks to my sponsors Liberty Skis and Ski Fanatics. my gram: @lelandbroadhurst1 peep for more content if ya feel.

BEEF Winter 19

by C_Jack
Jun 13th - 7.3K views

Best Winter so far. :)

Huge shoutout to Grand Targhee Resort, Faction Skis, Shred Optics, Shred Protection, Leki USA, Sports Den SLC, Healing Waters, TeaTonic Kombucha, Teton Thai Driggs, Avalon 7, Haskill, and Dalbello.

Thank you to everybody that pointed a camera at me:
Andrew Napier, Austin Lobner, Evan Heath, Dorian Densmore, Billy Whitfield, Tucker Mead, Kelly Mackenzie, Quinn Wolferman, Taylor Riviello, Sam Sisk, Kevin Bane, Joe Fusare, Kevin Merchant, Francesca Weikert, Antti Olilla, Blaine Gallivan, Donny Searle, Ben LaPrade, and Andrew Egan.

5 months of skiing

by HMW
May 30th - 413 views

Here we go again. The summarize of my season. Had a good time and want to thank everybody involved. Also want to give a huge thanks to Faction skis and Bluebird Optics for the support.
And a special thanks to Victor Esteby and Casper Arvefors for keeping me supplied with some crazy good filming.

Rail Pile

by 860media*
May 21st - 2.3K views

Carinthia left the rails in a pretty strategic way so people wouldn’t hit them....challenge accepted. With shovels and some questionable rail wedging we made it happen. Check it out and hope to see ya all this weekend at Peace Pipe!

Created By:
Chris DeJohn

Garret Colby
Chris DeJohn
Rob Newton
Mike DeJohn
Ian Ackerman


Ski Weekend // The Finale

by SkiWeekend
May 2019 - 1.1K views

With a little inspiration from Boyz Club Open, the DU crew took advantage of the late season snow a couple weekends ago on Boreas Pass. Good times with some all time people. Thank you to everyone who came out.
Ski Weekend Baby!

Featuring: Kirk Scully, Jack Finn, Tec Calcagni, Quinn Kennedy, Josiah Otto, Carter Rossano, Henry Hall, Hadley Michaels, Heidi Livran, Willis Whitaker, and more.

Edited by Henry Hall and Travis Fulcher

Song: Bus Money
Artist: The Chats

See Ya Next Year!
ps. Josiah actually stomped a double but nobody filmed it. Bummer.