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17/18 Tapes

by north_coast
Jul 4th - 1K views

lil bit of a recap of the 17/18 season. we were gonna try and make a movie but that sort of fell through when we forgot to hit urban or do any serious filming after december. it was a great season though, already looking forward to next year. Skiers/Riders: -Rowan Stamp -Casey Taylor -Ben Amburgey -Sam Scheff -Kyle Joseph -Drew Bates -Stevie Just -Sydney Smith -Isaac Wright

Party in the Park

by north_coast
May 2018 - 501 views

A community driven Superpark in Western Maine. Check out the full recap here: Skiers: -Tommy Cogswell -Rowan Stamp -Isaac Wright -Gabe Wilson -Taylor Davis -Ryan Meyer -Casey Taylor -Josh Hodson -Tyler Lewis -Kyle Joseph -Seth Noonkester -Ben Amburgey -Vaughn Keenhold -Isaac Seigle -Sandy Mait -Drew Bates -Joe Menard -Lane Brooks (if I missed you leave a comment)

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Maine Hype Season

by north_coast
Nov 2017 - 2.5K views

little bit of early season action from the most hype time of year. first week at the river and the loaf skiers in order of appearance: -Ben Amburgey -Rowan Stamp -David Baird -Sam Scheff -Isaac Wright -Kyle Joseph (boardsliding clout god supreme)

medium edit

by north_coast
Dec 2016 - 1.5K views

in the medium park s/o to tube rails and FOC ------------------------------------------ Riders: Isaac Wright Ben Amburgey Rowan Stamp Dorian Robinson Kyle Buckland Kirk Wallace Casey Taylor Vaughn Keenhold

fresh loaf

by north_coast
Dec 2017 - 2.4K views

guaranteed mold free -------------------------------------------- skiers/riders in order of appearence (starting at 0:10): -Isaac Wright -Rowan Stamp -Sam Scheff -Casey Taylor -Ben Amburgey -Kyle Joseph -Taylor Davis -Ben Nelson