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Dec 16th - 1.4K views

keep it clean @sugarloafparks

-Ryan Brueninghaus @minnesnowtain
-Sam Scheff
-Ben Amburgey @a__burger
-Rowan Stamp @rowan138
-Teddy Michaud @t3ddy.m
-Reid Chapman @reid.chapman
-Freddie Mccarthy @freddyprince.jr
-Keegan Kilbride @keegankilbride
-James Holohan @james.holahan2
-Josh Lawless @josh_lawless_

Shot: the homies
Cut: Ben

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Maine Hype Season

by north_coast
Nov 2017 - 3K views

little bit of early season action from the most hype time of year. first week at the river and the loaf

skiers in order of appearance:
-Ben Amburgey
-Rowan Stamp
-David Baird
-Sam Scheff
-Isaac Wright
-Kyle Joseph (boardsliding clout god supreme)

In the 207

by north_coast
Aug 2020 - 3.9K views

Happenings in Maine this past spring. Thanks to everyone who setup/maintained park features (and put them away!). Here's to hoping next spring involves some more lifts.

-Ryan Brueninghaus
-Rowan Stamp
-Ben Amburgey
-Kyle Joseph
-Gabe Wilson
-Quinn Fogarty
-Lane Brooks
-Ian Bohrmann
-Teddy Michaud
-Sam Scheff
-Kirk (yellow jacket at :08)