2017 Rab

by Spitfyre94
Nov 20th - 89 views

Preseason is here. The boys and I are STOKED!!! Throughin down at Rabbit Hill but most importantly crushing beers. And holy fuck do we love KFED'S!! Drinkers: @bryaansmith244, @smithy_j, @jhoo58, @corbinblack

Justin JUICE Kennedy 2017

by OnSlaught
Nov 19th - 1.1K views

Another best year ever, got to ride everything from the streets, to the park, and the backcountry! Big thanks to everyone who filmed, built, or was a part of this in any way! Here's to another great year!

SmOkemo part uno

by Yungcodine
Nov 15th - 423 views

November 15, 2017 messing around at okemo for the day Instagram : yungcodine : giantloadofcrap Snapchat :lineskikid71 :grahamisawsome


by Jiberish
Nov 15th - 20.2K views

70/30, a short urban film featuring Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, Mike Cappola and Seamus Flanagan. Filmed, edited and produced by the riders, 70/30 features skiing in Colorado, Utah, Minnesota and New York City.

THIS IS HOME - Tim McChesney: Athlete Edit

by Faction
Nov 14th - 5.6K views

From the pillowy backcountry of Montana to the streets of Finland and the springtime playground of Verbier, Tim McChesney stacks bangers wherever he goes. The Athlete Edit is a collection of the insanely diverse footage Tim stockpiled while filming for THIS IS HOME. Shot on Location: Flathead Valley MT, USA. Jyväskylä, Finland. Verbier, Switzerland. Edited By: David Lorenz Filmed By: Etienne Merel, Martin Bernard, Bluemaxmedia Music: Reagan James - Better Than This / Dead Times - Inner Gold Copyright (c) The Faction Collective SA Please only use and share this embed code of the official video. Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.

Alex Collison nose ducks 16-17

Nov 12th - 1.3K views

It’s Alex’s birthday so without further ado, here is his season edit from the phenomenal winter of 16/17 Filmed by John Richter, Paul Richter, Zack Sefton, and Gary Collison Music by Black Sabbath S...

4FRNT Park Full

by 4FRNT
Nov 11th - 1.3K views

Making bombproof park skis since 2002. Now offering $50 OFF park skis with discount code: 50offpark Expires Sunday midnight Nov. 12th // Link to skis Skiers : Cal Carson, Cam Riley, & David Wise

TRIUMPH a Tanner Hall Film

Nov 9th - 18.3K views

Armada Skis presents "Triumph" a film by Tanner Hall and Corey Stanton. Follow Tanner as he returns to top form in his 2017-18 season, while he discusses all of the struggles and triumphs that brought him to where he is now.

SNC Freeski Team | Mountain School

by ConnorClayton
Nov 8th - 3K views

A huge shout out to Sierra Nevada College and all of the athletes that made this film possible. It was an amazing season last year and we hope you can enjoy it as much as we did through this film! Movie Description Mountains or School. Rather than pick one out of the the two, this collection of athletes decided that they needed both in their life. Monday through Friday you’ll find us running from class to the slopes. Last year we attended quite a few lessons, and now we’re here to show you what the results are of our final exam are. Come join us and sit down, you won’t need pen and paper for these lessons… Disclaimer: Sierra Nevada College is located on the shores of Lake Tahoe and represents what may be the only varsity freeskiing team in the country. The college is actively looking for new students and athletes to join the freeski team. If you have any interest shoot me a PM, I would love to talk in more detail. For more information on Sierra Nevada College click here: Music: In the Shadows, Foreign Air Echo, Foreign Air Late Night Late Night, Odesza American Money, Borns


by swilly
Nov 4th - 466 views

All the shots not good enough for the actual season edit. These are just the throwaways. Duluth 100

Will Wesson and Andy Parry - Head for the Hills (2008)

by TheTrickArchive
Oct 29th - 6.6K views

Throwback to arguably one of the most progressive urban segments of all time from Head for the Hills by Meathead Films. I decided to upload this since I stumbled upon the hard copy of the movie I had laying around. It showcases, what is in my opinion, the beginning of a new creative era in skiing. This was the year before Traveling Circus started: At the time, people were actually getting techincal on the streets, but not many thought outside the stock handrails, kinkers and switch-ups. Will and Andy really exploded people's minds with the outstanding creativity and open attitude in this segment: Andy doing rollerblade-esque tricks no-one understood at the time and Will being unbeliveably technical with his creative lines. And remember, this was before anyone had ever thought or heard of "newwave" or whatever the kids call it. This didn't go unnoted: Will was rewarded with the Best Jib-award at the Powder awards for the closing line, which included an underslide (the first one ever done I believe). Now, nearly a decade later, their attitude has not changed much at all with Line TC still going on strong and Will still hunting filling to his skiing spot collection. So enjoy this, nowadays even "low-key-ish" part of skiing history.

The Final Tape

by Whiteout_
Oct 29th - 6.2K views

"No bullshit, just skiing. The past 120 day long season in 3 minutes. Thanks to all the homies and everyone making this past season the best one yet.Special thanks to FASC Clothing and eDoggo for the great support." Skiing and Editing by Tim van Dyck, Filming by Lukki Meixner, Max Heider, Marcus Westphal and many others.

The Pray for Snow Radio Show

by hoodcrew
Oct 27th - 8.6K views

An uplifting DJ mix to play in your headphones as you stand at the top of an escalator, holding your skis, wondering when the snowflakes are going to start falling from the sky. Full mix here:

Kevin Salonius 2017

by Kevin_
Oct 24th - 6.5K views

Short self-edit of my street and park shots from last winter. It was the most fun season so far, huge thanks to everybody that I got to shred with and all of the filmers and supporters!