Coline Ballet-Baz and The "SKIVAS" Just Raised the Bar. LPP #169

by LowPressureSki
Dec 4th 2020 - 1 comments

Coline Ballet-Baz' new film SKIVAS has just raised the bar. She gathered together a solid posse for this all female ski flick that has epic big mountain lines, a gnarly urban segment and a super fun pow segment. She talks about the process and challenges of making the movie, her humanitarian work, Protect Our Winters and much more.

Magnus Graner from The Bunch spills the Swedish Secrets - LPP #168

by LowPressureSki
Nov 27th 2020 - 0 comments

Magnus Graner is here to talk about the multiple award winning, yet to be released, "Is There Time for Matching Socks". He tells us the origin story of the Bunch at an X-Men style Space School in Northern Sweden and how they are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. On the LPP Magus is also announcing his partnership with Wells Lamont Snow!

What Your Skis Say About You

by Lonely
Nov 20th 2020 - 35 comments

The skis you choose to attach to your feet say a lot about you as a person. I decided to generalize and stereotype some groups of skiers based on what they ski. What group are you in?

Rad Parks: Pine Knob

by Lonely
Nov 12th 2020 - 27 comments

As many parks across the state's decline, some parks are doing a hell of a lot with very little. I had the opportunity to interview Matt Dunn, the park manager of one of the sickest up and coming parks in the midwest about what goes into building a rad park, how parks have changed, and future plans for Pine Knob. If you see these pictures and felt jealous like I did, maybe send this article over to your park crew or mountain and show them how much can be done for so little.

Henrik Harlaut's 1st English Language Podcast! LPP #164

by LowPressureSki
Nov 6th 2020 - 4 comments

Henrik Harlaut joins the LPP for his 1st English language podcast. He talks about new 2 year film project SALUTE but that's not all!
He tells us about his singular focus, skiing, and the awareness of his influence on the sport and thus his hesitation to push progression too quickly. He also talks about Harlaut Apparel, his clothing line that is bringing him closer to his family as they develop the business together.

Thank You, Powder Magazine

by 1337
Oct 8th 2020 - 11 comments

Powder Magazine's operations will be suspended indefinitely on November 20th. While the future is unknown, their place in ski history is certain.