Is The New Wave Here To Stay?

by Sklar
Sep 20th 2017 - 82 comments

It’s hard to say whether this group has gone off the deep end, or is deeply ahead of a stylistic curve, but it is certainly obvious that they are doing things that have never been done on skis before, and people are watching.

Itunes 7 - Crap.

by Mr.Bishop
Sep 19th 2006 - 74 comments

Thats right, for all you "Apple is the best because their shit always works" the release of Itunes 7 makes ya look stupid.


by hoodcrew
Jul 13th 2014 - 71 comments

After breaking my ankle in March, then putting another hairline fracture in it this summer up at Hood I have been thinking a lot about injuries, skiing and how to move forward.