Newschoolers is Still Hostile Towards Women

by ModMommy
Mar 23rd 2021 - 126 comments

If you’re sick of seeing WoMeN EmPoWeRmEnT and feel like it’s being shoved down your throat this is for you. You are the problem, snowflake. Grow up at start treating humans like other humans, it’s just skiing and we want to be a part of it.

Is The New Wave Here To Stay?

by Sklar
Sep 20th 2017 - 82 comments

It’s hard to say whether this group has gone off the deep end, or is deeply ahead of a stylistic curve, but it is certainly obvious that they are doing things that have never been done on skis before, and people are watching.

Itunes 7 - Crap.

by Mr.Bishop
Sep 19th 2006 - 74 comments

Thats right, for all you "Apple is the best because their shit always works" the release of Itunes 7 makes ya look stupid.