Discussion with pro skier Jonah Williams, presented by Rossignol !

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Articles photos by Jamie Walter, Christopher Newett, Zeppelin Zeerip & Laura Obermeyer

Jonah is a pro skier from Utah, he quickly blew up on the scene in 2015 winning Superunknown XII and making waves online with his flawless style and tech skills. 8 years later, Jonah is recognized as one of the best all-around skiers in the world.

Through the years, We've seen Jonah kill it in the streets, parks, and backcountry with Level 1, the coterie and more recently with Strictly. Jonah had an insane year in 2022. He released Life N stuff a compilation of his best shots from years prior and also had the closing segment in strictly's last film 'Delete'.

Following these 2 insane video projects, Jonah won the prestigious 'skier of the year' award at the 2022 newschoolers awards. Last season, Jonah joined Rossignol and put together a plan to team up with friend & filmmaker Gavin Rudy to produce a video project together.

In this episode we talked about a bunch of stuff! His youth in Utah, Winning. superunknown XII, recently going to SUXX in Mammoth, filming with Strictly, Signing with Rossignol and much much more

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