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So here it is people: my first ever tutorial.

I've been thinking about launching this project (Coach Trifes) for quite some time now. Corona and Lockdown were the catalyst to now finally make it a reality.
Starting off with my fav. trick ever. The 7 Blunto.

Consider checking my YouTube Channel out for updates, the videos full description and future videos. Next up will be the Cork 360.

TIME-STAMPS for each Part:
00:23 - 01:13 TRIVIA
01:14 - 01:43 ADVISORY
01:44 - 02:33 TAKE OFF
02:34 - 03:25 ROTATION
03:26 - 05:25 THE GRAB
05:26 - 06:07 THE LANDING

I believe in the analytical and detailed approach (that results of a decade of experience) rather than the circulating "well just take off and spin broooo" approach , like many other tutorials out there that didn’t even master the trick themselves yet.

My goal is to provide a sustainable platform that will create an archive for all tricks i can do. From easy peasy to 1620s... & jibs.

There needs to be a bridge between the average joe to someone who genuinely likes to improve their trick bag to his own personal limit.

You don't have to be a comp jokey to do dub10s or crazy Flat 900's for example. Anyone can do it.

I want to build that bridge & make any trick more accessible to skiers.

I Hope it will help you in any way ! I understand there might be one or two "hick ups" in the voice over - english is not my mother language , but i'm improving :)

► leaving a like or subscribe on YouTube will give me a chance to make this sustainable and further enable it being for free.

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