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Dub 7?

by Trifes
Mar 2019 - 1.6K views

Roast me plz
First try Saturday’s - what do you guys think ?

Thomas Trifonitchev 2019

by Trifes
Dec 2019 - 2.3K views

I think it was my best and most fun season yet and i'm very happy to show you my highlights of the last season in one video ! I'm also currently hosting a SKi-GiveAway with @Line_Skis right now if ya down to check it out"

Simply said i'm just trying to make the best out of coping with college and growing up and little skiing to top it off.
Lastly many thanks are going out to my friends and supporters for the gear and for holding the camera down. Love ya homies - the seasons wouldn't be the same without you.


by Trifes
Dec 2020 - 2.2K views

So here it is people: my first ever tutorial.

I've been thinking about launching this project (Coach Trifes) for quite some time now. Corona and Lockdown were the catalyst to now finally make it a reality.
Starting off with my fav. trick ever. The 7 Blunto.

Consider checking my YouTube Channel out for updates, the videos full description and future videos. Next up will be the Cork 360.

TIME-STAMPS for each Part:
00:23 - 01:13 TRIVIA
01:14 - 01:43 ADVISORY
01:44 - 02:33 TAKE OFF
02:34 - 03:25 ROTATION
03:26 - 05:25 THE GRAB
05:26 - 06:07 THE LANDING

I believe in the analytical and detailed approach (that results of a decade of experience) rather than the circulating "well just take off and spin broooo" approach , like many other tutorials out there that didn’t even master the trick themselves yet.

My goal is to provide a sustainable platform that will create an archive for all tricks i can do. From easy peasy to 1620s... & jibs.

There needs to be a bridge between the average joe to someone who genuinely likes to improve their trick bag to his own personal limit.

You don't have to be a comp jokey to do dub10s or crazy Flat 900's for example. Anyone can do it.

I want to build that bridge & make any trick more accessible to skiers.

I Hope it will help you in any way ! I understand there might be one or two "hick ups" in the voice over - english is not my mother language , but i'm improving :)

► leaving a like or subscribe on YouTube will give me a chance to make this sustainable and further enable it being for free.